Various Items (Japanese: どうぐ Dōgu) obtained in the Yo-kai Watch games. They are found in the Items tab in the Inventory.

Items can be found in Shops, in spots Yo-kai might hide in, in treasure chests, and from defeating Yo-kai. They can also be obtained from the Crank-a-kai

Lists of Item Types

Exporbs and Stanimums

These items will boost either a Yo-kai's Experience or temporarily max out a Stamina Bar for running or hard biking.

Name Image In-game Descriptions Effects on Friend
Mini Exporb (Japanese: ミニけいけんちだま Mini Keiken-chi-dama, lit. "Mini Experience Point Ball") Mini Exporb A touch of this teeny orb is worth three hours of training. Gain 10 EXP.
Small Exporb (Japanese: 小けいけんちだま Ko Keiken-chi-dama, lit. "Small Experience Point Ball") Small Exporb Three days of training in one touch of this orb. Gain 50 EXP.
Medium Exporb (Japanese: 中けいけんちだま Chū Keiken-chi-dama, lit. "Medium Experience Point Ball") Medium Exporb Those who touch this orb get the demeanor of a master. Gain 500 EXP.
Large Exporb (Japanese: 大けいけんちだま Dai Keiken-chi-dama, lit. "Large Experience Point Ball") Large Exporb This orb bestows three lives' worth of EXP at a single touch. Gain 2,000 EXP.
Mega Exporb (Japanese: 超けいけんちだま Chō Keiken-chi-dama, lit. "Super Experience Point Ball") Mega Exporb Some say you can get a science award just for touching this. Gain 8,000 EXP.
Holy Exporb (Japanese: 神けいけんちだま Kami Keiken-chi-dama, lit. "Spirit Experience Point Ball") Holy Exporb2 A tiny lizard touched this orb. That tiny lizard is a dinosaur now. Gain 20,000 EXP.
Staminum (Japanese: スタミナム Sutaminum) Staminum2 This drink lets humans run without getting tired at all! Temporary infinite stamina. (30 sec.)
Staminum Alpha (Japanese: スタミナムアルファ Sutaminumu Arufa) Staminum Alpha2 Staminum Alpha lasts longer than regular ol' Staminum. Temporary infinite stamina. (45 sec.)
Staminum Great (Japanese: スタミナムグレート Sutaminamu Gurēto)
Staminum Great
Temporary infinite stamina. (60 sec.)


Books alter a Yo-kai's perspective of the world, changing not only their Attitude, but how much they loaf around, as well as increase their physical attacks, techniques, and Soultimates' damaging/healing abilities.

Name Image In-game Description Effect on Friend
Hidden Hits (Japanese: 攻めの秘伝書 Seme no Hiden-sho, lit. "Book of Secret Attacks") Hidden Hits2 A book of combat secrets. You'll be an attack master! Increases Attack skill.
Top Techniques (Japanese: 術の秘伝書 Jutsu no Hiden-sho, lit. "Book of Secret Techniques") Top Techniques Give your Techniques a boost with this instructional book. Increases Technique level.
Soul Secrets (Japanese: ひっさつの秘伝書 Hissatsu no Hiden-sho, lit. "Book of Certain Kills") Soul Secrets2 A book on the secrets of Soultimate Moves. Increases Soultimate level.
A Serious Life (Japanese: まじめに生きる Majime ni Ikiru) A Serious Life A book about giving life your all. Good for lazy Yo-kai. Makes a Yo-kai Loaf less.
Think Karate (Japanese: 習得!カラテ講座 Shūtoku! Karate Kōza, lit. "Learning! Karate Course") Think Karate2 A book on the karate mind-set. Changes a Yo-Kai's attitude. Makes a Yo-kai Grouchy.
Use Karate (Japanese: 応用!カラテ講座 Ōyō! Karate Kōza, lit. "Application! Karate Course") Use Karate2 A book on advanced karate. It makes you focus on attacking. Makes a Yo-kai Rough.
Skill Compendium (Japanese: ようじゅつ大百科 Yōjutsu Ōhyakka, lit. "Sorcery Great Encyclopedia") Skill Compendium2 An illustrated collection of Yo-kai Skills. Fascinating! Makes a Yo-kai Logical.
Skill Encycloped. (Japanese: ようじゅつ超百科 Yōjutsu Chō-hyakka, lit. "Sorcery Super Encyclopedia") Skill Encycloped A book containing EVERY single Yo-kai Skill ever! A must-have! Makes a Yo-kai Brainy.
Get Guarding (Japanese: ガードのすすめ Gādo no Susume) Get Guarding2 A book on the importance of defense, with handy images. Makes a Yo-kai Careful.
Guard Gloriously (Japanese: ガードばんざい Gādo Banzai) Guard Gloriously2 This book proves the greatness of defense. Who needs offense? Makes a Yo-kai Calm.
Li'l Angel Heals (Japanese: いやしの天使ちゃん Iyashi no Tenshi-chan) Li'l Angel Heals A book about an angel healing people. Gives you a kind heart. Makes a Yo-kai Gentle.
Bye, Li'l Angel (Japanese: さよなら天使ちゃん Sayonara Tenshi-chan) Bye, Li'l Angel The last book in the "Li'l Angel" series. So heartwarming! Makes a Yo-kai Tender.
The Pest's Quest (Japanese: おじゃま道 Ojama-dō) The Pest's Quest A novel about a boy becoming a total pest. Makes a Yo-kai Twisted.
The Perfect Pest (Japanese: 続おじゃま道 Zoku Ojama-dō) The Perfect Pest2 The final novel about the boy who became a legendary pest. Makes a Yo-kai Cruel.
Support Life #7 (Japanese: サポートライフ7月号 Sapōto Raifu Shichigatsu-gō) Support Life 72 July's issue of the #1 magazine for those who live to serve. Makes a Yo-kai Helpful.
Support Special (Japanese: サポートライフ特別編 Sapōto Raifu Tokubetsu-hen) Support Special2 A digest combining the year's best articles. Makes a Yo-kai Devoted.

Talismans, Medicine, and More

Name Image Description Effect On Friend
Strength Talisman (Japanese: ちからのおふだ Chikara no Ofuda) Strength Talisman A curious charm sold at the shrine that boosts Strength. Temporary STR boost.
Spirit Talisman (Japanese: ようりょくのおふだ Yōryoku no Ofuda) Spirit Talisman A curious charm sold at the shrine that boosts Spirit. Temporary SPR boost.
Defense Talisman (Japanese: まもりのおふだ Mamori no Ofuda) Defense Talisman A curious charm sold at the shrine that boosts Defense. Temporary DEF boost.
Speed Talisman (Japanese: すばやさのおふだ Subayasa no Ofuda) Speed Talisman A curious charm sold at the shrine that boosts Speed. Temporary SPD boost.
Nasty Medicine (Japanese: まず~い漢方 Mazu~i Kanpō, lit. "Bad Kampo) Nasty Medicine It's nasty, but it'll revive an unconscious Yo-kai. Revive Yo-Kai with 1/4 HP.
Bitter Medicine (Japanese: にが~い漢方 Niga~i Kanpō, lit. "Bitter Kampo") Bitter Medicine This bitter herbal mix will jolt a Yo-Kai to its feet. Revive Yo-Kai with 1/2 HP.
Mighty Medicine (Japanese: ふか~い漢方 Fuka~i Kanpō, lit. "Deep Kampo") Mighty Medicine This secret herbal blend will instantly revive Yo-kai. Revive Yo-kai with full HP.
Getaway Plush (Japanese: みがわり人形 Migawari Ningyō, lit. "Scapegoat Doll") Getaway Plush2 Nobody can look away from this odd doll. It's a fine distraction. Allows you to flee.
Fish Bait (Japanese: 魚良のまきえ Uoryō no maki e) Fish Bait Bait made by Mr. Fischer. This makes it easier to fish. None
Black Syrup (Japanese: スーパー黒みつ Sūpā Kuro Mitsu) Black Syrup Bugs love this stuff. It'll make bugs easier to catch. None
Iron Doll (Japanese: 鉄のこけし Tetsu no Kokeshi) Iron Doll It's cumbersome, but it's worth a little cash. Sell for $3/¥300.
Bronze Doll (Japanese: 銅のこけし Dō no Kokeshi) Bronze Doll A bronze doll. It sells for a decent amount of cash. Sell for $10/¥1,000.
Silver Doll (Japanese: 銀のこけし Gin no Kokeshi) Silver Doll A silver doll. Can be sold for a lot. Sell for $50/¥5,000.
Gold Doll (Japanese: 金のこけし Kin no Kokeshi) Gold Doll A pure-gold doll that sells for a whole lot of cash. Sell for $200/¥20,000.
Platinum Doll (Japanese: プラチナのこけし Purachina no Kokeshi) Platinum Doll This exquisite doll is bound to fetch a great price! Sell for $600/¥60,000.
Dancing Star (Japanese: ダンシングスター Danshingu Sutā) Dancing Star2 A sparkling star. Rumor has it someone is gathering these. Trade with Groovalicious to purchase Win Poses.

Crank-a-kai Coins

These Coins are only redeemable at the nearest Crank-a-kai. In Yo-kai Watch 2, multiple Crank-a-kai are around.

Name Image Description
Red Coin (Japanese: 赤コイン Aka Koin) Red Coin (2) A bold coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Yellow Coin (Japanese: 黄色コイン Ki-iro Koin) Yellow Coin (2) A mysterious coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Orange Coin (Japanese: オレンジコイン Orenji Koin) Orange Coin (2) A hefty coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Pink Coin (Japanese: 桃コイン Momo Koin) Pink Coin (2) A lovely coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Green Coins (Japanese: 緑コイン Midori Koin) Green Coin (2) A warm coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Blue Coin (Japanese: 青コイン Ao Koin) Blue Coin (2) An unpleasent coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Purple Coin (Japanese: 紫コイン Murasaki Koin) Purple Coin (2) An eerie coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Light Blue Coin (Japanese: 水色コイン Mizu-iro Koin) Light Blue Coin (2) A slippery coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Sapphire Coin (Japanese: サファイアコイン Safaia Koin) Sapphire Coin A special sapphire coin for the Crank-a-kai.
Emerald Coin (Japanese: エメラルドコイン Emerarudo Koin) Emerald Coin A special emerald coin for the Crank-a-kai.
Ruby Coin (Japanese: ルビーコイン Rubī Koin) Ruby Coin A special ruby coin for the Crank-a-kai.
Topaz Coin (Japanese: トパーズコイン Topāzu Koin) Topaz Coin A special topaz coin for the Crank-a-kai.
Diamond Coin (Japanese: ダイヤコイン Daiya Koin) Diamond Coin A special diamond coin for the Crank-a-kai.
Excitement Coin (Japanese: わくわくコイン Wakuwaku Koin) Excitement Coin An exciting coin just for the Crank-a-kai!
Five-Star Coin (Japanese: 五つ星コイン Itsutsu-boshi Koin) Five-Star Coin A special five-star coin for the Crank-a-kai.
Special Coin (Japanese: スペシャルコイン Supesharu Koin) Special Coin (1) A special coin for the Crank-a-kai.
Yo Mystery Coins (Japanese: どきどきコイン(妖) Dokidoki Koin (Yō)) Mystery Coin (1) A special Crank-a-kai coin with "Yo" engraved on it.
Kai Mystery Coins (Japanese: どきどきコイン(怪) Dokidoki Koin (Kai)) Mystery Coin (1) A special Crank-a-kai coin with "Kai" engraved on it.
Sum Mystery Coins (Japanese: どきどきコイン(召) Dokidoki Koin (Shō)) Mystery Coin (1) A special Crank-a-kai coin with "Sum" engraved on it.
Mon Mystery Coins (Japanese: どきどきコイン(喚) Dokidoki Koin (Kan)) Mystery Coin (1) A special Crank-a-kai coin with "Mon" engraved on it.
Cheerful Coin Cheerful Coin A special Crank-a-kai coin that makes its owner happy.

Coin Fragments

Coins exclusive to Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

Fusion Items

These items are of no use to the player in their current state, but a trip to Shoten Temple will provide an answer as to what to do with them...

Fusion Items Originating/Exclusive to Yo-kai Watch 1

Name Image Description Fusible with Fusion creates
Legendary Blade (Japanese: 名刀マサムネ Meitō Masamune, "Meito" is a status for noteworthy blades) Legendary Blade This sword was forged by a master to mete out justice. Chansin Sheen
Cursed Blade (Japanese: 妖刀ムラマサ Yōtō Muramasa, lit. "Demon Blade Muramasa") Cursed Blade of Muramasa A cursed sword that draws its owner towards a tragic future. Chansin Snee
Holy Blade (Japanese: 神剣クサナギ Shinken Kusanagi, lit. "Godly Sword") Holy Blade Said to house holy power, this sword's over 10,000 years old! Chansin Gleam
General's Soul (Japanese: 大将の魂 Taishō no Tamashī) General's Soul The spirit of a legendary general. Linked to a particular Yo-kai. Beetler Beetall
Love Buster (Japanese: モテウェポン Mote-wepon) Love Buster2 This wackily strong weapon can only be used by popular folks. Cupistol Casanuva
GHz Orb (Japanese: ギガヘルツ玉 Gigaherutsu-dama, "Gigahertz Ball") GHz Orb A ball encasing electric waves. A zap could fry you! Signibble Signiton
Unbeatable Soul (Japanese: 無双の魂 Musō no Tamashī, lit. "Peerless Soul") Unbeatable Soul The spirit of a great warrior. Related to a horned Yo-kai. Rhinoggin Rhinormous
Platinum Bar (Japanese: プラチナインゴット Purachina Ingotto, "Platinum Ingot") Platinum Bar A bar of pure platinum. It's heavy! Castelius I Castelius Max
Snowstorm Cloak (Japanese: 雪王マント Yukiō Manto, lit. "Snow King Mantle") Snowstorm Cloak A silvery white cape for the king of a snowy mountain Pupsicle Chilhuahua
Love Scepter (Japanese: 愛のシャク Ai no Shaku) Love Scepter It is a scepter for a nobleman of love. NOT just a stick. Shmoopie Pinkipoo
Glacial Clip (Japanese: 白銀のかみどめ Hakugin no Kamidome) Glacial Clip A hair clip made of unmelting ice. It houses a lot of power. Frostina Blizzaria
Buff Weight (Japanese: 親方ダンベル Oyakata Danberu, lit. "Master Dumbbell") Buff Weight2 Training with this hefty dumbbell will buff you up! Ake Payn
Shard of Evil (Japanese: 邪心のかたまり Jashin no Katamari, lit. "Mass of Evil") Shard of Evil A dangerous shard that awakens the evil in a timid devil. Timidevil Beelzebold
Ageless Powder (Japanese: 生命のおしろい Inochi no Oshiroi) Ageless Powder A facial powder made of human souls. It'll make you younger. Grumples Everfore
Drop of Joy (Japanese: 幸福のしずく Kōfuku no Shizuku) Drop of Joy A lovely, glowing drop used to grow the flower of happiness. Noko Bloominoko
Holy Water (Japanese: 清聖水 Seiseisui) Holy Water Holy water that can make anything squeaky clean. Dingy Scale Ancient Scale
Dingy Scale (Japanese: よごれたウロコ Yogoreta Uroko, lit. "Filthy Scale") Dingy scale It's too dirty to tell what it really is. Maybe a dragon's scale? Holy Water Ancient Scale
Venoct Aura (Japanese: オロチのオーラ Orochi no Ōra, "Orochi's Aura") Venoct Aura A small bottle that holds Venoct's aura. Shiny! Tattered Gauntlet Venoct Gauntlet
Tattered Gauntlet (Japanese: ボロボロのこて Boro-boro no Kote) Tattered Gauntlet A beat-up gauntlet. It once hold the power of a dragon. Venoct Aura Venoct Gauntlet
Cracked Crystal (Japanese: われたすいしょう玉 Wareta Suishō-dama, lit. "Cracked Crystal Ball") Cracked Crystal A holy monk's crystal ball. Now shattered and powerless. Crystal Shard Crystal Ball
Crystal Shard (Japanese: すいしょう玉のはへん Suishō-dama no Hahen, lit. "Crystal Ball Fragment") Crystal Shard Finding all the crystal ball pieces may restore its power. Cracked Crystal Crystal Ball
Clenzall (Japanese: マッシーロ Masshīro) Clenzall2 A rare detergent that can clean clothes with one drop. Yellowed Sash Heavenly Sash
Yellowed Sash (Japanese: きばんだはごろも Kibanda Hagoromo) Yellowed Sash A sash that has yellowed with age. It has a strange power. Clenzall Heavenly Sash
Plain Ring (Japanese: プレーンリング Purēn Ringu) Plain Ring Just an ordinary ring. If you were to put a jewel in it, though... Jewels Elemental Rings
Blank Charm (Japanese: むじのおまもり Muji no Omamori) Blank Charm A charm. Doesn't do much until you put something into it. Jewels Elemental Charms
Ruby (Japanese: ルビー Rubī) Ruby A beautiful jewel that shines red with the power of Fire. Plain Ring
Plain Charm
Fire Ring
Blaze Charm
Aquamarine (Japanese: アクアマリン Akuamarin) Aquamarine A beautiful jewel that shines blue with the power of Water. Plain Ring
Plain Charm
Water Ring
Flood Charm
Topaz (Japanese: トパーズ Topāzu) Topaz A beautiful yellow jewel with the power of Lightning. Plain Ring
Plain Charm
Lightning Ring
Bolt Charm
Tourmaline (Japanese: トルマリン Torumarin) Tourmaline A beautiful deep-brown jewel with the power of Earth. Plain Ring
Plain Charm
Earth Ring
Quake Charm
Opal (Japanese: オパール Opāru) Opal A beautiful jewel that shines white with the power of Ice. Plain Ring
Plain Charm
Ice Ring
Frost Charm
Emerald (Japanese: エメラルド Emerarudo) Emerald A beautiful jewel that shines green with the power of Wind. Plain Ring
Plain Charm
Wind Ring
Storm Charm

Fusion Items Originating/Exclusive to Yo-kai Watch 2

Name Image Description Fusible with Fusion creates
Raging Blade (Japanese: 暴虐な刀 Bōgyaku na Katana) Sword of Bloody Violence This will turn anyone into a rambunctious, one-person riot. Hissfit Zerberker
Love-Packed Rice Ball (Japanese: 愛情おむすび Aijou Omusubi) 1S Plum Rice Ball Made with love and affection, this will satisfy a rumbling tummy. Hungramps Hungorge
Sand Suit (Japanese: 砂スーツ Suna Sūtsu) Sand Suit This unique suit gets especially heavy when it rains. Sandmeh Mr. Sandmeh
Ethereal Water (Japanese: 神通力水 Jintsūriki Mizu) Spiritual Water Drinking this bestows godlike powers, so handle it with care. Predictabull Smashibull
Horn (Japanese: 爆音クラクション Bakuon kurakushon, lit. "Explosive Sound Car Horn") Roar Horn A horn that emits a deafening blast, audible miles away. Squeeky Rawry
Cursed Journal (Japanese: 呪いの日記帳 Noroi no Nikki-chō, lit. "Cursed Diary") Cursed Diary A jinxed journal that you'll regret sneaking a peek into... Toiletta Foiletta
Mermaid Pearl (Japanese: 人魚の宝玉 Ningyo no Hōgyoku) Mermaid Jewel When a mermaid is reborn, this exquisite pearl appears. Mermaidyn Mermadonna
Mem-o-Vac (Japanese: 記憶吸い取り機 Kioku Suitori-ki, lit. "Memory Vacuum Machine") Memory-Blotting Device A memory-inhaling device. It also has a setting for exhaling them. Flushback Vacuumory
Essence of Evil (Japanese: 怪魔な素 Kaima na Moto, lit. "Kaima Element") Kaima Element Produces terrifying results when combined with certain Yo-kai. Ten specific Classic Yo-kai Wicked Servants
Carved Bear (Japanese: 木彫りのクマ Kibori no Kuma) Carved Bear This wooden bear as been hewn by a master craftsman. Grumpus Khan Groupus Khan
Goldfish Lantern (Japanese: 金魚のちょうちん Kingyo no Chō-chin) Goldfish Lantern Kids are sure to love this delightful paper lantern. Slumberhog Snortlehog
Master's Lantern (Japanese: 匠のちょうちん Takumi no Chō-chin) Master's Lantern This lantern gives off a glow that will cheer up all who see it. Panja Pupil Panja Pro
Gold Emblem (Japanese: 金のしゃちほこ Kin no Shachihoko) Gold Emblem This striking item is crafted from only the purest gold. Samureel Time Keeler
Takoyaki Tray (Japanese: たこ焼き器 Takoyaki-ki) Takoyaki Tray Use this tray to make delicious takoyaki octopus balls. Takoyakid Takoyaking
Dune Sand (Japanese: 砂丘の砂 Sakyū no Suna) Dune Sand2 A little bottle of joy scooped from a sand dune. Danke Sand No Sandkyu
Vintage Parasol (Japanese: 伝統のあみ傘 Dentō no Amigasa) Vintage Parasol A sunshade crafted from reeds. Often used in summer festivals. Sumodon Yokozudon
Terracotta Figure (Japanese: ハニワ Haniwa) Terracotta Figure An ancient artifact recently uncovered on Mt. Wildwood. Whateverest Whatuption
Red Hibiscus (Japanese: 真っ赤なハイビスカス Makka na Haibisukasu) Red Hibiscus This bright-red flower makes the world a lot less drab. Happycane Starrycane
Broken Bell (Japanese: ボロボロの鈴 Boro-boro no Suzu) Broken Bell If restored to its former glory, it might make a cat happy. Talismans Stat-increasing Bells for Cat Yo-kai
Battered Blade (Japanese: サビれた刀 Zabireta Katana) Battered Blade This famed sword of old is now in a pretty sorry state... Whetstones Fusion swords for Chansin
Rough Whetstone (Japanese: 荒々しい砥石 Ara'arashī Toishi) Rough Whetstone A roughhewn volcanic rock worthy of a hallowed blade. Battered Blade Legendary Blade
Sinister Whetstone (Japanese: 禍々しい砥石 Magamagashī Toishi) Sinister Whetstone An eerie rock that might be used to sharpen a magic blade. Battered Blade Cursed Blade
Sublime Whetstone (Japanese: 神々しい砥石 Kōgōshī Toishi) Sublime Whetstone A glorious stone capable of sharpening a legendary blade. Battered Blade Holy Blade
Healing Herb (Japanese: いやしの草 Iyashi no Kusa) Healing Herb Combined with the right item, it has restorative properties. Stinky Herb Nasty Medicine
Stinky Herb (Japanese: くさみの草 Kusami no Kusa) Stinky Herb Anyone sensible will give this horrid herb a very wide berth. Healing Herb Nasty Medicine
Bitter Herb (Japanese: にがみの草 Nigami no Kusa) Bitter Herb No good to eat, but it could be combined with something. Nasty Medicine Bitter Medicine

Fusion Items Originating/Exclusive to Yo-kai Watch Busters

Name Image Description Fusible with Fusion creates
Mongee Hitodama (Japanese: もんげーヒトダマ Mongē Hitodama)
Monge Hitodama
Komasan/Komajiro Komane/Komiger
Comfortable Closet (Japanese: かいてきクローゼット Kaiteki kurōzetto)
Comfortable Closet
Hidabat Abodabat
Granite Stone (Japanese: みかげ石 Mikageishi)
Granite Stone
Noway Impass

Fusion Items Originating/Exclusive to Yo-kai Watch 3

Name Image Description Fusible with Fusion creates
Raw Ball (Japanese: なまだま Namadama)
Raw Ball
Snartle Namanamahage
Merican Flour (Japanese: メリケン粉 Meriken Ko)
Various Yo-kai Various Merican Yo-kai
Letter of Postponed Release (Japanese: 発売延期の書状 Hatsubai Enki no Shojō)
Letter of Postponed Release
K'mon-K'mon Matenou
Ancient DNA (Japanese: 太古のDNA Taiko no DNA)
Ancient DNA
Dinoshi D-Stroy