In the Yo-kai Watch video games, various Items (Japanese: どうぐ Dōgu) can be collected and is stored in the player's Inventory.

They can be found in shops, treasure chests, Yo-kai hiding spots, by completing quests, defeating Yo-kai and cranking the Crank-a-kai.

Lists of Item Types

Exporbs and Stanimums

Exporbs are known to boost a Yo-kai's Experience, allowing them to go through multiple levels while Stanimums allow the player to max out the Stamina bar so they can run without getting tired.

Name Image Description Effects
Mini Exporb (Japanese: ミニけいけんちだま Mini Keiken-chi-dama, lit. "Mini Experience Point Ball") Mini Exporb A touch of this teeny orb is worth three hours of training. Gain 10 EXP.
Small Exporb (Japanese: 小けいけんちだま Ko Keiken-chi-dama, lit. "Small Experience Point Ball") Small Exporb Three days of training in one touch of this orb. Gain 50 EXP.
Medium Exporb (Japanese: 中けいけんちだま Chū Keiken-chi-dama, lit. "Medium Experience Point Ball") Medium Exporb Those who touch this orb get the demeanor of a master. Gain 500 EXP.
Large Exporb (Japanese: 大けいけんちだま Dai Keiken-chi-dama, lit. "Large Experience Point Ball") Large Exporb This orb bestows three lives' worth of EXP at a single touch. Gain 2,000 EXP.
Mega Exporb (Japanese: 超けいけんちだま Chō Keiken-chi-dama, lit. "Super Experience Point Ball") Mega Exporb Some say you can get a science award just for touching this. Gain 8,000 EXP.
Holy Exporb (Japanese: 神けいけんちだま Kami Keiken-chi-dama, lit. "Spirit Experience Point Ball") Holy Exporb2 A tiny lizard touched this orb. That tiny lizard is a dinosaur now. Gain 20,000 EXP.
Staminum (Japanese: スタミナム Sutaminum) Staminum2 This drink lets humans run without getting tired at all! Temporary infinite stamina. (30 sec.)
Staminum Alpha (Japanese: スタミナムアルファ Sutaminumu Arufa) Staminum Alpha2 Staminum Alpha lasts longer than regular ol' Staminum. Temporary infinite stamina. (45 sec.)
Staminum Great (Japanese: スタミナムグレート Sutaminamu Gurēto)
Staminum Great
Temporary infinite stamina. (60 sec.)


Books alter a Yo-kai's perspective of the world, changing not only their Attitude, but how much they loaf around, as well as increase their physical attacks, techniques, and Soultimates' damaging/healing abilities.

Name Image In-game Description Effect on Friend
Hidden Hits (Japanese: 攻めの秘伝書 Seme no Hiden-sho, lit. "Book of Secret Attacks") Hidden Hits2 A book of combat secrets. You'll be an attack master! Increases Attack skill.
Top Techniques (Japanese: 術の秘伝書 Jutsu no Hiden-sho, lit. "Book of Secret Techniques") Top Techniques Give your Techniques a boost with this instructional book. Increases Technique level.
Soul Secrets (Japanese: ひっさつの秘伝書 Hissatsu no Hiden-sho, lit. "Book of Certain Kills") Soul Secrets2 A book on the secrets of Soultimate Moves. Increases Soultimate level.
A Serious Life (Japanese: まじめに生きる Majime ni Ikiru) A Serious Life A book about giving life your all. Good for lazy Yo-kai. Makes a Yo-kai Loaf less.
Think Karate (Japanese: 習得!カラテ講座 Shūtoku! Karate Kōza, lit. "Learning! Karate Course") Think Karate2 A book on the karate mind-set. Changes a Yo-Kai's attitude. Makes a Yo-kai Grouchy.
Use Karate (Japanese: 応用!カラテ講座 Ōyō! Karate Kōza, lit. "Application! Karate Course") Use Karate2 A book on advanced karate. It makes you focus on attacking. Makes a Yo-kai Rough.
Skill Compendium (Japanese: ようじゅつ大百科 Yōjutsu Ōhyakka, lit. "Sorcery Great Encyclopedia") Skill Compendium2 An illustrated collection of Yo-kai Skills. Fascinating! Makes a Yo-kai Logical.
Skill Encycloped. (Japanese: ようじゅつ超百科 Yōjutsu Chō-hyakka, lit. "Sorcery Super Encyclopedia") Skill Encycloped A book containing EVERY single Yo-kai Skill ever! A must-have! Makes a Yo-kai Brainy.
Get Guarding (Japanese: ガードのすすめ Gādo no Susume) Get Guarding2 A book on the importance of defense, with handy images. Makes a Yo-kai Careful.
Guard Gloriously (Japanese: ガードばんざい Gādo Banzai) Guard Gloriously2 This book proves the greatness of defense. Who needs offense? Makes a Yo-kai Calm.
Li'l Angel Heals (Japanese: いやしの天使ちゃん Iyashi no Tenshi-chan) Li'l Angel Heals A book about an angel healing people. Gives you a kind heart. Makes a Yo-kai Gentle.
Bye, Li'l Angel (Japanese: さよなら天使ちゃん Sayonara Tenshi-chan) Bye, Li'l Angel The last book in the "Li'l Angel" series. So heartwarming! Makes a Yo-kai Tender.
The Pest's Quest (Japanese: おじゃま道 Ojama-dō) The Pest's Quest A novel about a boy becoming a total pest. Makes a Yo-kai Twisted.
The Perfect Pest (Japanese: 続おじゃま道 Zoku Ojama-dō) The Perfect Pest2 The final novel about the boy who became a legendary pest. Makes a Yo-kai Cruel.
Support Life #7 (Japanese: サポートライフ7月号 Sapōto Raifu Shichigatsu-gō) Support Life 72 July's issue of the #1 magazine for those who live to serve. Makes a Yo-kai Helpful.
Support Special (Japanese: サポートライフ特別編 Sapōto Raifu Tokubetsu-hen) Support Special2 A digest combining the year's best articles. Makes a Yo-kai Devoted.

Talismans, Medicine, and More

Name Image Description Effect On Friend
Strength Talisman (Japanese: ちからのおふだ Chikara no Ofuda) Strength Talisman A curious charm sold at the shrine that boosts Strength. Temporary STR boost.
Spirit Talisman (Japanese: ようりょくのおふだ Yōryoku no Ofuda) Spirit Talisman A curious charm sold at the shrine that boosts Spirit. Temporary SPR boost.
Defense Talisman (Japanese: まもりのおふだ Mamori no Ofuda) Defense Talisman A curious charm sold at the shrine that boosts Defense. Temporary DEF boost.
Speed Talisman (Japanese: すばやさのおふだ Subayasa no Ofuda) Speed Talisman A curious charm sold at the shrine that boosts Speed. Temporary SPD boost.
Nasty Medicine (Japanese: まず~い漢方 Mazu~i Kanpō, lit. "Bad Kampo) Nasty Medicine It's nasty, but it'll revive an unconscious Yo-kai. Revive Yo-Kai with 1/4 HP.
Bitter Medicine (Japanese: にが~い漢方 Niga~i Kanpō, lit. "Bitter Kampo") Bitter Medicine This bitter herbal mix will jolt a Yo-Kai to its feet. Revive Yo-Kai with 1/2 HP.
Mighty Medicine (Japanese: ふか~い漢方 Fuka~i Kanpō, lit. "Deep Kampo") Mighty Medicine This secret herbal blend will instantly revive Yo-kai. Revive Yo-kai with full HP.
Getaway Plush (Japanese: みがわり人形 Migawari Ningyō, lit. "Scapegoat Doll") Getaway Plush2 Nobody can look away from this odd doll. It's a fine distraction. Allows the player to flee from almost all battles.
Fish Bait (Japanese: 魚良のまきえ Uoryō no maki e) Fish Bait Bait made by Mr. Fischer. This makes it easier to fish. None
Black Syrup (Japanese: スーパー黒みつ Sūpā Kuro Mitsu) Black Syrup Bugs love this stuff. It'll make bugs easier to catch. None
Iron Doll (Japanese: 鉄のこけし Tetsu no Kokeshi) Iron Doll It's cumbersome, but it's worth a little cash. Sell for $3/¥300.
Bronze Doll (Japanese: 銅のこけし Dō no Kokeshi) Bronze Doll A bronze doll. It sells for a decent amount of cash. Sell for $10/¥1,000.
Silver Doll (Japanese: 銀のこけし Gin no Kokeshi) Silver Doll A silver doll. Can be sold for a lot. Sell for $50/¥5,000.
Gold Doll (Japanese: 金のこけし Kin no Kokeshi) Gold Doll A pure-gold doll that sells for a whole lot of cash. Sell for $200/¥20,000.
Platinum Doll (Japanese: プラチナのこけし Purachina no Kokeshi) Platinum Doll This exquisite doll is bound to fetch a great price! Sell for $600/¥60,000.
Dancing Star (Japanese: ダンシングスター Danshingu Sutā) Dancing Star2 A sparkling star. Rumor has it someone is gathering these. Trade with Groovalicious to purchase Win Poses.

Crank-a-kai Coins

These Coins are only redeemable at the nearest Crank-a-kai. In Yo-kai Watch 2, multiple Crank-a-kai are around.

Name Image Description
Red Coin (Japanese: 赤コイン Aka Koin) Red Coin (2) A bold coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Yellow Coin (Japanese: 黄色コイン Ki-iro Koin) Yellow Coin (2) A mysterious coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Orange Coin (Japanese: オレンジコイン Orenji Koin) Orange Coin (2) A hefty coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Pink Coin (Japanese: 桃コイン Momo Koin) Pink Coin (2) A lovely coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Green Coins (Japanese: 緑コイン Midori Koin) Green Coin (2) A warm coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Blue Coin (Japanese: 青コイン Ao Koin) Blue Coin (2) An unpleasent coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Purple Coin (Japanese: 紫コイン Murasaki Koin) Purple Coin (2) An eerie coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Light Blue Coin (Japanese: 水色コイン Mizu-iro Koin) Light Blue Coin (2) A slippery coin. Be sure to use it in the Crank-a-kai!
Sapphire Coin (Japanese: サファイアコイン Safaia Koin) Sapphire Coin A special sapphire coin for the Crank-a-kai.
Emerald Coin (Japanese: エメラルドコイン Emerarudo Koin) Emerald Coin A special emerald coin for the Crank-a-kai.
Ruby Coin (Japanese: ルビーコイン Rubī Koin) Ruby Coin A special ruby coin for the Crank-a-kai.
Topaz Coin (Japanese: トパーズコイン Topāzu Koin) Topaz Coin A special topaz coin for the Crank-a-kai.
Diamond Coin (Japanese: ダイヤコイン Daiya Koin) Diamond Coin A special diamond coin for the Crank-a-kai.
Excitement Coin (Japanese: わくわくコイン Wakuwaku Koin) Excitement Coin An exciting coin just for the Crank-a-kai!
Five-Star Coin (Japanese: 五つ星コイン Itsutsu-boshi Koin) Five-Star Coin A special five-star coin for the Crank-a-kai.
Special Coin (Japanese: スペシャルコイン Supesharu Koin) Special Coin (1) A special coin for the Crank-a-kai.
Yo Mystery Coins (Japanese: どきどきコイン(妖) Dokidoki Koin (Yō)) Mystery Coin (1) A special Crank-a-kai coin with "Yo" engraved on it.
Kai Mystery Coins (Japanese: どきどきコイン(怪) Dokidoki Koin (Kai)) Mystery Coin (1) A special Crank-a-kai coin with "Kai" engraved on it.
Sum Mystery Coins (Japanese: どきどきコイン(召) Dokidoki Koin (Shō)) Mystery Coin (1) A special Crank-a-kai coin with "Sum" engraved on it.
Mon Mystery Coins (Japanese: どきどきコイン(喚) Dokidoki Koin (Kan)) Mystery Coin (1) A special Crank-a-kai coin with "Mon" engraved on it.
Cheerful Coin Cheerful Coin A special Crank-a-kai coin that makes its owner happy.

Coin Fragments

Coins exclusive to Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

Fusion Items

These items are of no use to the player in their current state, but a trip to Shoten Temple will provide an answer as to what to do with them...

Fusion Items Originating/Exclusive to Yo-kai Watch 1

Name Image Description Fusible with Fusion creates
Legendary Blade (Japanese: 名刀マサムネ Meitō Masamune, "Meito" is a status for noteworthy blades) Legendary Blade This sword was forged by a master to mete out justice. Chansin Sheen
Cursed Blade (Japanese: 妖刀ムラマサ Yōtō Muramasa, lit. "Demon Blade Muramasa") Cursed Blade of Muramasa A cursed sword that draws its owner towards a tragic future. Chansin Snee
Holy Blade (Japanese: 神剣クサナギ Shinken Kusanagi, lit. "Godly Sword") Holy Blade Said to house holy power, this sword's over 10,000 years old! Chansin Gleam
General's Soul (Japanese: 大将の魂 Taishō no Tamashī) General's Soul The spirit of a legendary general. Linked to a particular Yo-kai. Beetler Beetall
Love Buster (Japanese: モテウェポン Mote-wepon) Love Buster2 This wackily strong weapon can only be used by popular folks. Cupistol Casanuva
GHz Orb (Japanese: ギガヘルツ玉 Gigaherutsu-dama, "Gigahertz Ball") GHz Orb A ball encasing electric waves. A zap could fry you! Signibble Signiton
Unbeatable Soul (Japanese: 無双の魂 Musō no Tamashī, lit. "Peerless Soul") Unbeatable Soul The spirit of a great warrior. Related to a horned Yo-kai. Rhinoggin Rhinormous
Platinum Bar (Japanese: プラチナインゴット Purachina Ingotto, "Platinum Ingot") Platinum Bar A bar of pure platinum. It's heavy! Castelius I Castelius Max
Snowstorm Cloak (Japanese: 雪王マント Yukiō Manto, lit. "Snow King Mantle") Snowstorm Cloak A silvery white cape for the king of a snowy mountain Pupsicle Chilhuahua
Love Scepter (Japanese: 愛のシャク Ai no Shaku) Love Scepter It is a scepter for a nobleman of love. NOT just a stick. Shmoopie Pinkipoo
Glacial Clip (Japanese: 白銀のかみどめ Hakugin no Kamidome) Glacial Clip A hair clip made of unmelting ice. It houses a lot of power. Frostina Blizzaria
Buff Weight (Japanese: 親方ダンベル Oyakata Danberu, lit. "Master Dumbbell") Buff Weight2 Training with this hefty dumbbell will buff you up! Ake Payn
Shard of Evil (Japanese: 邪心のかたまり Jashin no Katamari, lit. "Mass of Evil") Shard of Evil A dangerous shard that awakens the evil in a timid devil. Timidevil Beelzebold
Ageless Powder (Japanese: 生命のおしろい Inochi no Oshiroi) Ageless Powder A facial powder made of human souls. It'll make you younger. Grumples Everfore
Drop of Joy (Japanese: 幸福のしずく Kōfuku no Shizuku) Drop of Joy A lovely, glowing drop used to grow the flower of happiness. Noko Bloominoko
Holy Water (Japanese: 清聖水 Seiseisui) Holy Water Holy water that can make anything squeaky clean. Dingy Scale Ancient Scale
Dingy Scale (Japanese: よごれたウロコ Yogoreta Uroko, lit. "Filthy Scale") Dingy scale It's too dirty to tell what it really is. Maybe a dragon's scale? Holy Water Ancient Scale
Venoct Aura (Japanese: オロチのオーラ Orochi no Ōra, "Orochi's Aura") Venoct Aura A small bottle that holds Venoct's aura. Shiny! Tattered Gauntlet Venoct Gauntlet
Tattered Gauntlet (Japanese: ボロボロのこて Boro-boro no Kote) Tattered Gauntlet A beat-up gauntlet. It once hold the power of a dragon. Venoct Aura Venoct Gauntlet
Cracked Crystal (Japanese: われたすいしょう玉 Wareta Suishō-dama, lit. "Cracked Crystal Ball") Cracked Crystal A holy monk's crystal ball. Now shattered and powerless. Crystal Shard Crystal Ball
Crystal Shard (Japanese: すいしょう玉のはへん Suishō-dama no Hahen, lit. "Crystal Ball Fragment") Crystal Shard Finding all the crystal ball pieces may restore its power. Cracked Crystal Crystal Ball
Clenzall (Japanese: マッシーロ Masshīro) Clenzall2 A rare detergent that can clean clothes with one drop. Yellowed Sash Heavenly Sash
Yellowed Sash (Japanese: きばんだはごろも Kibanda Hagoromo) Yellowed Sash A sash that has yellowed with age. It has a strange power. Clenzall Heavenly Sash
Plain Ring (Japanese: プレーンリング Purēn Ringu) Plain Ring Just an ordinary ring. If you were to put a jewel in it, though... Jewels Elemental Rings
Blank Charm (Japanese: むじのおまもり Muji no Omamori) Blank Charm A charm. Doesn't do much until you put something into it. Jewels Elemental Charms
Ruby (Japanese: ルビー Rubī) Ruby A beautiful jewel that shines red with the power of Fire. Plain Ring
Plain Charm
Fire Ring
Blaze Charm
Aquamarine (Japanese: アクアマリン Akuamarin) Aquamarine A beautiful jewel that shines blue with the power of Water. Plain Ring
Plain Charm
Water Ring
Flood Charm
Topaz (Japanese: トパーズ Topāzu) Topaz A beautiful yellow jewel with the power of Lightning. Plain Ring
Plain Charm
Lightning Ring
Bolt Charm
Tourmaline (Japanese: トルマリン Torumarin) Tourmaline A beautiful deep-brown jewel with the power of Earth. Plain Ring
Plain Charm
Earth Ring
Quake Charm
Opal (Japanese: オパール Opāru) Opal A beautiful jewel that shines white with the power of Ice. Plain Ring
Plain Charm
Ice Ring
Frost Charm
Emerald (Japanese: エメラルド Emerarudo) Emerald A beautiful jewel that shines green with the power of Wind. Plain Ring
Plain Charm
Wind Ring
Storm Charm

Fusion Items Originating/Exclusive to Yo-kai Watch 2

Name Image Description Fusible with Fusion creates
Raging Blade (Japanese: 暴虐な刀 Bōgyaku na Katana) Sword of Bloody Violence This will turn anyone into a rambunctious, one-person riot. Hissfit Zerberker
Love-Packed Rice Ball (Japanese: 愛情おむすび Aijou Omusubi) 1S Plum Rice Ball Made with love and affection, this will satisfy a rumbling tummy. Hungramps Hungorge
Sand Suit (Japanese: 砂スーツ Suna Sūtsu) Sand Suit This unique suit gets especially heavy when it rains. Sandmeh Mr. Sandmeh
Ethereal Water (Japanese: 神通力水 Jintsūriki Mizu) Spiritual Water Drinking this bestows godlike powers, so handle it with care. Predictabull Smashibull
Horn (Japanese: 爆音クラクション Bakuon kurakushon, lit. "Explosive Sound Car Horn") Roar Horn A horn that emits a deafening blast, audible miles away. Squeeky Rawry
Cursed Journal (Japanese: 呪いの日記帳 Noroi no Nikki-chō, lit. "Cursed Diary") Cursed Diary A jinxed journal that you'll regret sneaking a peek into... Toiletta Foiletta
Mermaid Pearl (Japanese: 人魚の宝玉 Ningyo no Hōgyoku) Mermaid Jewel When a mermaid is reborn, this exquisite pearl appears. Mermaidyn Mermadonna
Mem-o-Vac (Japanese: 記憶吸い取り機 Kioku Suitori-ki, lit. "Memory Vacuum Machine") Memory-Blotting Device A memory-inhaling device. It also has a setting for exhaling them. Flushback Vacuumory
Essence of Evil (Japanese: 怪魔な素 Kaima na Moto, lit. "Kaima Element") Kaima Element Produces terrifying results when combined with certain Yo-kai. Te

n specific Classic Yo-kai

Wicked Servants
Carved Bear (Japanese: 木彫りのクマ Kibori no Kuma) Carved Bear This wooden bear as been hewn by a master craftsman. Grumpus Khan Groupus Khan
Goldfish Lantern (Japanese: 金魚のちょうちん Kingyo no Chō-chin) Goldfish Lantern Kids are sure to love this delightful paper lantern. Slumberhog Snortlehog
Master's Lantern (Japanese: 匠のちょうちん Takumi no Chō-chin) Master's Lantern This lantern gives off a glow that will cheer up all who see it. Panja Pupil Panja Pro
Gold Emblem (Japanese: 金のしゃちほこ Kin no Shachihoko) Gold Emblem This striking item is crafted from only the purest gold. Samureel Time Keeler
Takoyaki Tray (Japanese: たこ焼き器 Takoyaki-ki) Takoyaki Tray Use this tray to make delicious takoyaki octopus balls. Takoyakid Takoyaking
Dune Sand (Japanese: 砂丘の砂 Sakyū no Suna) Dune Sand2 A little bottle of joy scooped from a sand dune. Danke Sand No Sandkyu
Vintage Parasol (Japanese: 伝統のあみ傘 Dentō no Amigasa) Vintage Parasol A sunshade crafted from reeds. Often used in summer festivals. Sumodon Yokozudon
Terracotta Figure (Japanese: ハニワ Haniwa) Terracotta Figure An ancient artifact recently uncovered on Mt. Wildwood. Whateverest Whatuption
Red Hibiscus (Japanese: 真っ赤なハイビスカス Makka na Haibisukasu) Red Hibiscus This bright-red flower makes the world a lot less drab. Happycane Starrycane
Broken Bell (Japanese: ボロボロの鈴 Boro-boro no Suzu) Broken Bell If restored to its former glory, it might make a cat happy. Talismans Stat-increasing Bells for Cat Yo-kai
Battered Blade (Japanese: サビれた刀 Zabireta Katana) Battered Blade This famed sword of old is now in a pretty sorry state... Whetstones Fusion swords for Chansin
Rough Whetstone (Japanese: 荒々しい砥石 Ara'arashī Toishi) Rough Whetstone A roughhewn volcanic rock worthy of a hallowed blade. Battered Blade Legendary Blade
Sinister Whetstone (Japanese: 禍々しい砥石 Magamagashī Toishi) Sinister Whetstone An eerie rock that might be used to sharpen a magic blade. Battered Blade Cursed Blade
Sublime Whetstone (Japanese: 神々しい砥石 Kōgōshī Toishi) Sublime Whetstone A glorious stone capable of sharpening a legendary blade. Battered Blade Holy Blade
Healing Herb (Japanese: いやしの草 Iyashi no Kusa) Healing Herb Combined with the right item, it has restorative properties. Stinky Herb Nasty Medicine
Stinky Herb (Japanese: くさみの草 Kusami no Kusa) Stinky Herb Anyone sensible will give this horrid herb a very wide berth. Healing Herb Nasty Medicine
Bitter Herb (Japanese: にがみの草 Nigami no Kusa) Bitter Herb No good to eat, but it could be combined with something. Nasty Medicine Bitter Medicine

Fusion Items Originating/Exclusive to Yo-kai Watch Busters

Name Image Description Fusible with Fusion creates
Mongee Hitodama (Japanese: もんげーヒトダマ Mongē Hitodama)
Monge Hitodama
Komasan/Komajiro Komane/Komiger
Comfortable Closet (Japanese: かいてきクローゼット Kaiteki kurōzetto)
Comfortable Closet
Hidabat Abodabat
Granite Stone (Japanese: みかげ石 Mikageishi)
Granite Stone
Noway Impass

Fusion Items Originating/Exclusive to Yo-kai Watch 3

Name Image Description Fusible with Fusion creates
Raw Ball (Japanese: なまだま Namadama)
Raw Ball
Snartle Namanamahage
Merican Flour (Japanese: メリケン粉 Meriken Ko)
Various Yo-kai Various Merican Yo-kai
Letter of Postponed Release (Japanese: 発売延期の書状 Hatsubai Enki no Shojō)
Letter of Postponed Release
K'mon-K'mon Matenou
Ancient DNA (Japanese: 太古のDNA Taiko no DNA)
Ancient DNA
Dinoshi D-Stroy