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Jikoken'ou (Japanese: じこけん王) is a Rank C Ice-attribute Yo-kai of the Shady tribe.


A short humanoid Yo-kai, Jikoken'ou has strawberry skin, a pointy red nose, a twirly mustache and green eyes. In line with his name, he wears a dark blue king's cape styled on the lines of a parka -complete with a hood, and a four-pointed crown sporting a red jewel, tilted to the left side.

True to his name, Jikoken'ou has a notably gloomy personality, and almost never smiles. He speaks in a letdown-like tone.

Jikoken'ou can cause people to hate themselves over tiny matters.

It is said that his royal heirloom can concede any wish; however, this has been never seen in action.


Retainers and his People

Jikokenoh & Retainers

He is usually seen with a group of three retainers, which are as gloomy as him. His people also share this trait.


  • Befriended: "Ahh... though we are King, we could not win this battle... we truly are a lost cause..."


Jikoken'ou debuts in EP096, in which he causes Katie, Bear, and Eddie to hate over themselves in very irrelevant matters.

When scanned by Nate, he states that even he hates himself. Even his retainers who approach him encourage him to not to hate himself or so will happen to them as well. Nate tries to summon Blazion to make Jikoken'ou feel better, but to no avail since the signal cannot reach him, to which Jikoken'ou comments with his usual gloomy disposition.

Nate then decides to hold a contest about "hating yourself the most" in order to make Jikoken'ou feel better, with him, Nate and Jibanyan as the judges, and the winner gets a wish granted by Jikoken'ou. After one of Jikonen-o's retainers and an infant child of his people score 90 and 95 respectively, Nate tells an story of his own and wins by scoring 100 points. Thus, being able to get any wish from Jikoken'ou's royal heirloom. Nate imagines getting married to Katie, to which Jikoken'ou tries to comply; but the crystal ball on top of the heirloom falls and shatters.

Upon this happening, Jikoken'ou hates himself even more, with his people following afterwards, not to mention Nate falling into frustration.


Name Origin

"Jikoken'ou" is a combination of jikoken'o (自己嫌悪, "self-loathing") and ō (王, "king").

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