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Kat Kraydel
あやとりさま, Ayatori-sama
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Yo-kai Watch 2
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Kat Kraydel (Japanese : あやとりさま Ayatori-sama) is a Boss Yo-kai and can be found on the 6th floor of the Divine Paradise.


Kat Kraydel's face looks like a Buddha statue, with a jewel, or perhaps an eye, in the middle of her forehead. She has a golden Dharma Wheel behind him. Her lower half resembles a spider's abdomen with black and green stripes. Much like a spider, she possesses eight arms; her upper arms are holding spools of thread. The second highest set of hands have threads connected to each finger. The arms closest to her center are playing a game of Cat's Cradle, which give her his namesake. However the lowest set of arms are empty. She wears a headdress with three eyes, with a horn at the very top.



Abilities and Powers



  • Regular attack (hits with the spools in her hands)
  • Sticky Thread (locks the Yo-kai Wheel in place)
  • Puppet Strings (Inspirit - confuses front Yo-kai by manipulating them with her threads)
  • What Will It Be? (attacks all front Yo-kai with a random attribute)
  • Enlightenment(Soultimate - strikes all front Yo-kai with holy light)
  • All you can do is knock out her eyes which will hurt her.Then she is immobilized and free to attack.


Yo-kai Watch 2

Kat Kraydel is the final boss at the Divine Paradise. At first all she wants to do is play the game Cat's Cradle, inviting Nate to play with her. When Nate asks Whisper about who Kat Kraydel is, Whisper tries to look it up on his yokai pad, but then the pad's battery dies. Whisper panics and creates numerous lies about Kat Kraydel, claiming that she is a violent entity, (which could not be more wrong) and instigates a battle with her.


  • Divine Paradise as well as Kat Kraydel are based on the famous Japanese short story, The Spider's Thread by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa. The story concerns Kandata, a cold-hearted criminal suffering in Hell; however, he performed a single act of compassion in his life when he chose not to crush a spider underfoot. Moved by this action, the Buddha takes the silvery thread of a spider in Paradise and lowers it down into Hell. Kandata, with all his might, tried to escape from the abyss using the thread, but quickly got tired because of the thread's great length. When he looked down, he saw many other sinners in Hell trying to escape using the spider's thread. Fearing that the rope will break from the weight, Kandata greedily shouts that the spider's thread is his and his alone. This action ultimately made the rope break, leaving Kandata and the other sinners to fall into the Pool of Blood once again.

Name Origin

"Ayatori-sama" translates as "Lord Cat's-Cradle".

  • Kat Kraydel is based off of Amitābha. Her design, which takes significantly after Buddha, further cements this.
  • It is very possible that Kat Kraydel's design also takes after the Banded Orb Weaver, which is a type of spider.
  • While unlikely, Kat Kraydel may be inspired by the spider Anansi from folklore. The key difference is Kat Kraydel, in the localized version of the game, is female.
  • In the original version of the game, Kat Kraydel appears to be male. However, in the localized version, Kat Kraydel is referred to as female.

In other languages

  • Italian: Gattiva

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