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Not to be confused with Kenny.

Kenny Forester (Japanese: 木霊 フミアキ Kodama Fumiaki) is a character that only appears in the Yo-kai Watch 2. He is the deceased grandfather of Katie Forester, and she goes back in time 60 years to meet his younger self.

Kenny only makes an appearance if Katie is selected as the playable character in the game, and takes the role of Nathaniel Adams. Likewise, he has the ability to see Yo-kai via a Yo-kai Watch Model Zero, and looks up to Moximous Mask as his role model. That also makes him the inventor of the Model Zero Watch in that universe.

After Kenny's death in the present, he became Moximous K. The Yo-kai can be befriended beginning with Psychic Specters.

Physical traits

Kenny strongly resembles Katie. He wears a beige polo shirt and blue rolled-up shorts. He's also sporting the necklace Nathaniel has if Nate was picked as a playable character.


He acts the same as Nathaniel.


  • Kenny and Katie sound similar phonetically unlike Nate and Nathaniel which use variations of the same name. Ironically Fumi-aki and Fumi-ka follow the same formula as Keita and Keizou sharing the first kana when written out which makes the relationship more obvious than the localized names.

In other languages

  • Spanish: Kevin Forester
  • French:
  • German:
  • Dutch: Karel Forester
  • Italian: Karl Forester
  • Portuguese:
  • Korean:
  • Chinese:
  • Thai:
  • Arabic:

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