Key Items are items gained by the Player for use throughout the game, or for some quests.

Permanent Equipment

Name Image Found Use Description Chapter Obtainment
Bug Net (Japanese: 虫あみ Mushi Ami) Player's room (YW1)

Side-yard (YW2)
Catching bugs A bug net that your mom bought for you years ago. Chapter 1
Yo-kai Watch

Note: form depends on gender choice.
Given by Whisper (YW1) Seeing Yo-kai A mysterious watch that allows you to see Yo-kai. Chapter 1
(after finding the Sacred Tree - YW1)
Yo-kai Medallium Given by Whisper Storing Yo-Kai medals and viewing information You can store medals and read Yo-Kai information here. Chapter 1
(after battling Buhu - YW1)
Old Mansion Key In a box in a hard to reach part of the Old Mansion Opening the Old Mansion Door The key to open the door to the Old Mansion. Chapter 4
Fishing Rod Given by Walkappa after meeting him Fishing A fishing rod given to you by Walkappa. Nothing special. Chapter 5

Note: Colors differ depending on gender
Dad Riding without using energy. A bike that dad bought for you. It's a shiny new model. Chapter 7
Museum Ticket Eddie Access to the Gourd Pond Museum. This will let you into Gourd Pond Museum all summer. Chapter 8
Vault Key Potted plant in the Gourd Pond Museum, 2nd/1st floor. Access to Phantasmurai. The vault key that the curator dropped into a potted plant. Chapter 7
School Keys Key rack within the school. Access to Springdale Elementary at Night. You can use these keys to sneak into the classroom. Chapter 8
Leadoni Wheel Leadoni Battle (near Rank A Watch Lock) Used to fix the mine cart at the beginning of the Abandoned Tunnel. This steering wheel leads cars safely with Leadoni's power. As early as Chapter 3
Payn Oil On the ground to the north in the room past Rank A Watch Lock Used to fix the mine cart at the beginning of the Abandoned Tunnel. Oil from Payn's forehead. Cleans rust right off. After obtaining Rank A Yo-kai Watch
Signiton Engine Signiton Battle (near Rank S Watch Lock) Used to fix the mine cart at the beginning of the Abandoned Tunnel. Signiton makes these powerful engines just for fun. After obtaining Rank A Yo-kai Watch
Wanted Yo-kai Trophies Lambton Post Office attendant in Booth 2 Optimizing Goldenyan Trophy received as an award for capturing [insert Yo-criminal name]. Whenever a Yo-criminal password is completed.

Quests-exclusive Key Items

Name Image Found Use Description
Photo of Amy Chapter 2 Jibanyan's keepsake A picture of Amy. It's Jibanyan's prized possession.
Dusty Charm One of Walkappa's missing items Seems to have been made at the Mount Wildwood shrine.
Munched Cucumber One of Walkappa's missing items Cucumber with a bite taken out of it. Still juicy, though.
Cracked Plate One of Walkappa's missing items Be careful not to cut yourself with the broken pieces...
Tasty Mushroom Mount Wildwood Florist requests it You can tell this mushroom is good just from the smell.
Noko Skin Catfish Lake "Noko Hunt!" quest A Noko's cast-off skin. Looks like they shed quite a bit!
Noko Dirt Catfish Lake "Noko Hunt!" quest The Noko dirt track in this dirt is thicker than a snake's.
Noko Dung Catfish Lake "Noko Hunt!" quest Noko feces. This is like gold to, uh...some researchers.
Walkappa's Bottle Catfish Lake "Walkappa's Bottle" quest Walkappa's precious water bottle. It's not normal...
Precious Earring Wisteria Gardens "The Lost Earring" quest A gift from a boyfriend, this earring holds many memories.
Faded Idol Pic Arcadia Arcade "Superfandom" quest A faded photograph of a once-popular idol.

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