Kirisugirisu (Japanese: キリスギリス) is a Rank C Wind-attribute Yo-kai of the Slippery tribe.


Kirisugirisu seems to be a green grasshopper-like insect with large, fuchsia compound eyes and a sea green bowl haircut with two black antennae. He wears a barber's jacket fully fastened and also wears brown pants with dark blue shoes with a lighter tip on them. His four arms each hold a pair of silver scissors.

Kirisugirisu is a well-known barber. His specialty is doing unusual hairdos. He also has the power to grow back hair before it was cut.


Yo-kai Watch 3

Kirisugirisu can be found in the Academy Shortcut.



  • Kirisugirisu was teased to be a Rank B Yo-kai when he was revealed in magazine scans.


Name Origin

Kirisugirisu's name is a portmanteau of kirigirisu (螽斯), the long-horned grasshopper, and kirisuteru (切り捨てる), meaning to cut down or discard, linking into his theme as a barber as he cuts hair.