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"Komasan: Movin' On Up" (Japanese: コマさんシーズン2 田舎者はバラ色に Komasan Shīzun 2 Inakamono wa Bara-iro ni, "Komasan Season 2: The Rosy Bumpkin")


Episode 1

Komasan The Rosy Bumpkin Episode 1 title

Komasan gets hired to work at Dan Dai, a toy company, as a janitor to impress Komajiro. The president, Thatchet complains about having no ideas until Komasan comments that there is a bug I'm the shop. Thatchet then gets an idea to make a new toy line based on bugs and promotes Komasan to executive level. The next day, Thatchet asks Komasan for another idea and at that time Komasan found a piece of candy. Yet again, Thatchet gets another idea and makes a toy called Candice, which becomes an instant hit like the bugs, and promotes Komasan to vice president. Komasan then unintentionally says, "Aw shucks, you're making me blush" and Thatchet turns that into the catchphrase for Candice.

Episode 2

Komasan The Rosy Bumpkin Episode 2 title

The toy company now has a spy in their office spreading Komasan's ideas to rival companies. Thatchet has meetings about that with Komasan unintentionally with his slang caused Thatchet to come up with new ideas for toys. An executive shows another article about a rival toy company releasing the items that Komasan supposedly made up. The executive was a spy and tried to blame it on Komasan, who was cleaning. When Thatchet and the spy find him, he is in the spy's office cleaning the paper which turned out to be letters to the rivals. The spy was fired and he threatened to call a lawyer.

Episode 3

The Rosy Bumpkin Episode 3 Title
Komasan is golfing with Thatchet, and then Thatchet reveals the real reason why he brought Komasan with him. He has a problem; his daughter is focused on becoming a dancer.

Episode 4

Komasan The Rosy Bumpkin Episode 4 title

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