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Template:Parent Tab Template Komasan is a series of mini-episodes within the Yo-kai Watch anime that focuses on the misadventures of the eponymous Yo-kai and his brother .

List of Episodes

Season 1: Komasan in the City

The episodes of this "season" are titled "Komasan in the City". In this season, Komasan narrates the events of the episode like he's writing a letter to his mother.

Season 2: Movin' On Up

The episodes of this "season" are titled "Komasan: Movin' On Up". In this season, Komasan gets a job at a toy company.

Season 3: Komasan in Love

The episodes of this "season" are titled "Komasan in Love". In this season, Komasan falls in love with a manga artist.

Season 4: Springdale, Five, Yo

"Roar at the Sun, Zura"

Season 5: Komasan's Expedition Team!

"Komasan's Expedition Team!"

Season 6: Let's Go with Komasan

"Let's Go with Komasan"

Season 7: Komasan Taxi

"Komasan Taxi"

Season 8: Dog of the North Star

"Dog of the North Star"

Season 9: Job Series


  • The name and title cards of "Komasan in the City" are spoofed from the American romantic comedy "Sex and the City".

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