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Whaleman (Japanese: クジラマン Kujiraman) is a Boss Yo-kai and the final form of Narwail. In Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, he is a Rank SS Yo-kai of the Mysterious tribe.


Whaleman is an anthropomorphic blue whale with red glowing eyes and a magenta jaw, neck, and chest area. He also has white wristband-like protrusions around his wrists as well as white lumps going around his waist. He wears a white ruff with golden elongated diamond-shaped accents, a golden elongated diamond-shaped necklace with a golden chain and white boots with crown-like cuffs.

In the third movie, while in the "world of pores", his skin is notably more glossy than the other Yo-Kai save for Robonyan F, who is made of metal, implying he is constantly wet.



Abilities and Powers

Whaleman can blow bubbles that can turn anything into fish.


In spite of it being a mysterious tribe boss Yo-Kai, in the third movie, Hovernyan referrers to it as a heart of darkness born from inside humans inspirited by the will of kaima. It is not currently known what Hovernyan is referring to but he does have a history with that Yo-Kai tribe. It tried to turn U Robonyan into a fish but U Robonyan fired his Yo-Kai Missiles and released Jibanyan, Komasan, Usapyon (Invader Mode), and Hovernyan who then used One Million Paws of Fury that destroyed Whaleman.


  • In the third movie, he didn't appear in the Yo-Kai Wiki so Nate gave him his name.
  • Although Whisper was turned into a fish, unlike all of its other targets which were turned into regular fish, Whisper retained his face and sapience, as well as his ability to float.

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