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Legendary Yo-kai

The 8 first Legendary Yo-kai.

The Legendary Yo-kai (Japanese: レジェンド妖怪 Rejendo Yōkai) are a select group of powerful Yo-kai that can only be befriended after filling out the Legend Pages of the Yo-kai Medallium, which is done by collecting certain sets of Yo-kai Medals to break the seal surrounding a particular Legendary Yo-kai, with each seal requiring a different set of 8 required Yo-kai (Japanese: 必要な妖怪 Hitsuyō na Yōkai) Medals, which vary depending on the game series.

All Yo-kai in this group are Rank S Yo-kai, and there exists at least one Legendary that represents the eight main tribes. Once unsealed, these Yo-kai will start off at Lv. 1.

Five of these Yo-kai were the first to be introduced in the first Yo-kai Watch video game, representing the Brave, Mysterious, Heartful, Eerie, and Tough tribes.

In Yo-kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls, three more Legendary Yo-kai representing the Charming, Shady and Slippery tribes were introduced, completing the set of eight.

In Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi and Tempura, 3 more Legendary Yo-kai representing the Brave, Charming, and Eerie tribes were introduced, with the Brave and Charming Legendaries being found only in one version of the games. In addition, 2 new subcategories of Legendary Yo-kai are introduced, noted as the Great Legendary Yo-kai whose members consist of a Legendary representing the Brave, Mysterious, and Heartful tribes and the 'Merican Legendary Yo-kai whose members consist of a Legendary representing the Brave, Mysterious, Tough, and Heartful tribes.

In Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki, four more Merican Legendary Yo-kai were added whose members consist of a Legendary representing the Charming, Shady, Eerie, and Slippery tribes to complete the set of 8, as well as the addition of a second Legendary Yo-kai for the Slippery tribe exclusively found in the game. In addition, Sukiyaki introduced another subcategory of Legendary Yo-kai, noted as the Mystery Legendary Yo-kai*. With the 2.2 Update, two more Mystery Legendary Yo-kai were added* to complete the set of 8.

In Yo-kai Watch Busters 2, 2 more Legendary Yo-kai representing the Tough and Shady tribes were introduced, leaving the Mysterious and Heartful without a second pair of representatives.

Summoning Song/ Chant

Legendary Yo-kai, despite falling to one of the pre-established Yo-kai Tribes, have a unique summoning chant which plays instead of the regular ones. These chants are very bombastic and grandiose compared to the normal Yo-kai Tribes.
Yo-Kai Watch Shogunyan Summoning (English) -Not pitched- ANIME

Yo-Kai Watch Shogunyan Summoning (English) -Not pitched- ANIME

Yo-kai Watch


In the anime and when playing with the toys, their chant is: "Imaginary! Incendiary! Flip flop, squiggle boom, slim slam, Legendary!"


In the anime and when playing with the toys, their chant is: "Legend! Legend! Amazing!" (Japanese: レジェーンド!レジェーンド!ブッタマゲーンドー! Rejēndo! Rejēndo! Buttamagēndō!).

Yo-kai Watch Model Zero

Along with the originally introduced Yo-kai Tribes, the Legendary Yo-kai's chant with the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero in the anime and when playing with the toys has replaced with instrumentals, with the Legendaries getting a bombastic orchestra line. When set at the 2 setting however, the normal summoning fanfare is a bombastic brass cover.

Yokai Watch U Netaballerina-Legendary Summoning

Yokai Watch U Netaballerina-Legendary Summoning

Yo-kai Watch U

In the anime and when playing with the toys, their chant is: "Legend~ Legend~ Legend~ Lege~nnn~D!" (Japanese: レジェンドー レジェンドー レジェンドー レジェーンードー! Rejendō rejendō rejendō rejēn̄dō!) with a orchestra accompaniment and sung by a choir. Like the Model Zero Yo-kai Watch, the ending is slightly altered, with sounds of celebration at the ending.

Yo-kai Watch Dream

In the anime, the summoned Yo-kai will play a roulette game to determine if they get a lucky or unlucky summon even with the opera yo-kais. Every Legendary (except Shogunyan) will stand still while the stage moves them.

Dark Yo-kai Watch

List of Legendary Yo-kai

Tribe Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
Isamashi medal Bushinyan YW2-007 Shogunyan Wind Seafood
Isamashi medal Asura Asura Fire Meat
Fushigi medal Shurakoma YW1-014 Komashura Fire Milk
Goketsu medal Gilgaros Gilgaros Lightning Meat
Goketsu medal Morigami Rex Morigami Rex Fire -
Pretty medal Netaballerina YW5-014 Spoilerina Wind Sweets
Pretty medal YD3-023 Otohime Water Sushi
Pokapoka medal Hanasakajii YW2-028 Elder Bloom Restoration Rice Balls
Usurakage medal Unchikuma YW6-031 Poofessor Drain Curry
Usurakage medal Kanekuihime Kanekui Hime Drain -
Bukimi medal Ikemenken YW2-037 Dandoodle Restoration Chinese Food
Bukimi medal Yokai 017 cs1w1 400x Batan Q Drain Oden
Nyororon medal Yamaton YW7-035 Slurpent Drain Meat
Nyororon medal YW-668 Nandaryuoh Ice Meat

'Merican Legendary Yo-kai

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Great Legendary Yo-kai

Main article: Great Legendary Yo-kai

Mystery Legendary Yo-kai

Main article: Mystery Legendary Yo-kai

Crystal Legendary Yo-kai

Main article: Crystal Legendary Yo-kai

Required Yo-kai to unseal Legendary Yo-kai


  • Ever since the first game, Jibanyan, Dismarelda, Blazion, and Casanuva have always been required to unlock a Legendary Yo-kai in every game, including side games.
  • In the first game, Shogunyan is the only Legendary Yo-kai that can be befriended during the course of the main story, with the others having at least one Yo-kai who can only be befriended post-game. Gilgaros is an exemption, due to how all the Yo-kai needed to summon him are Crank-a-kai-exclusive, and thus relies solely on luck.
  • In the second game, with the inclusion of trading, technically any Legendary Yo-kai can be befriended during the course of the main story, though there are a few Yo-kai who only become available post-game. Like before, Gilgaros and Slurpent are exemptions, due to their Yo-kai being Crank-a-kai-exclusive.
  • Dandoodle in the anime is the cheapest Legendary Yo-kai ever summoned, requiring 6 Yo-kai Medals to summon him rather than the traditional 8. This would later be used as the normal amount needed to summon Legendary Yo-kai in Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, due to that game not including every Yo-kai.
    • However, after Dandoodle's summoning, all future Legendary Yo-kai would be simply encountered like normal Yo-kai are.
  • The first five Legendary Yo-kai required Yo-kai Medals in the first game are all arranged to form into distinctive patterns.
    • Shogunyan and Gilgaros: One Medal for each Yo-kai tribe.
    • Komashura: Two Medals from the Charming, Brave, Mysterious, and Tough tribe, with the later four done in reverse order if counted clockwise. Incidentally, both of the Charming medals are of the Koma-inu family and both the Brave and Tough medals have the Yo-kai share the same designs.
    • Dandoodle: All Medals are from the Eerie tribe.
    • Elder Bloom: Two Medals from the Heartful, Slippery, Shady, and Tough tribes. Unlike Komashura, the clockwise order is preserved for the later four Medals.
  • The 5 originally released Legendary Yo-kai (as well as Spoilerina) featured in Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble had their Legend Page Seals be slightly abridged versions of their seals present in Yo-kai Watch 2. The other two's Page Seals are largely different, but have at least one Yo-kai that was part of their YW2-era Seals.
  • Yo-kai Watch 3 features the first instance of version-exclusive Legendary Yo-kai, with Asura available to only Tempura players, Otohime available to only Sushi players, and Nandaryuoh being available to only Sukiyaki players.
  • The Brave tribe has the most Legendary Yo-kai representatives, with six. Interestingly enough, 4 of them have cat-based designs they are Shogunyan, Columbus, The Last Nyanmurai, & Crystal Bushinyan
  • Despite having an English summoning chant in the Summoning App, Yo-kai Watch 2 uses the Japanese summoning chant in the English localization when unsealing.
    • This was fixed in the update for Version 1.1, released in January 2017. It was also fixed for European releases.
  • In the anime, different Yo-kai were used to summon the two unsealed Legendary Yo-kai:

In Other Languages

  • Italian: Tribù Leggendaria
  • French: Tribu Légendaire

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