Lightside (Japanese: ライトサイド Raito Saido) and Shadowside (Japanese: シャドウサイド Shadou Saido) are the forms taken by the Yo-kai in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside and the movie prior to the series.


Lightside and Shadowside forms are two different yet related appearances most Yo-kai can assume either willingly or through the use of the Yo-kai Arks and the Yo-kai Watch Elda by its accepted human.

Lightside forms are the standard form used by Yo-kai outside of battle in most cases; this form serves as the new standard form for Yo-kai in a similar manner to present Yo-kai, and as such this form allows for normal communications with humans, for it has a much friendlier physical apperance. Shadowside forms, on the other hand, are mostly used for combat, and as such most Yo-kai in this form assume a much fiercer-looking and monstrous form than the Lightside form, in addition to being more suited by combat. In both forms, the voices, as well as some personality traits of most Yo-kai, are notably different from each other.

In some occasions, such as Jibanyan, some Yo-kai can revert to their original selves upon experiencing a strong influx of memories related to their previous selves, implying that the transition can be reversible, albeit temporarily.

The phenomena of Lightside or Shadowside forms began at some point in the 30 years prior to the Shadowside movie and series; however, the exact circumstances, as well as the nature on how the transition began, are so far unknown.

Notably, Yo-kai from the original series (with some exceptions like Slimamander/Micchy), retain their original names, and simply distinguish each form by adding Lightside or Shadowside depending on it (in PuniPuni, these terms are shortened to Light and Shadow, alluding to the words when a Yo-kai Ark is turned on either side). Yo-kai which first appear in the Shadowside series (with exceptions like Robonyan 00) have two different names to distinguish each form.

List of Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Shadowside
Jibanyan JibanyanLight JibanyanShadow
Komasan Komasan (Light) KomasanShadowside
Komajiro Komajiro ss Komajiro (Shadowside)
Micchy (Slimamander) SlimamanderLightside Slimamander (Shadow)
Hyper Micchy 513412DA-FCCB-4A21-A4BF-7CC325D7D806 C2EDB4DF-40D4-44C1-86A8-692AED33154B
Whisper Whisper 2040
Hungramps Hungramps (Light) Hungramps (Shadow)
Kyubi Kyubi (Lightside) Kyubi (Shadowside)
Azure Dragon AzureDragonLightside Azure Dragon (Shadowside)
Blazion BlazionLightside BlazionShadowside
Blizzaria BlizzariaLightside BlizzariaShadowside
Papa Bolt PapaBoltLightside PapaBoltShadowside
Bancho/Bourei Bancho
Bourei Bancho
Charlie/Ghostcycle CharlieLight CharlieShadow
Junior/Burning Dragon YS1-029 Junior Shadowside Burning Dragon
Zundoumaru/Shiryou no Dokudoku-nabe Zundoumaru Zundoumaru(Shadowside)
Jinta/Jingeki Jinta New
Lucky/Dogman Lucky LuckyShadowside
Pakkun/Gaburiel PakkunLight PakkunShadow
Robonyan 00
Robonyan 00 (lightside)
Robonyan 00
Honmaguro-taishou/Magulodon Honmaguro Taisho Honmaguro Taisho (Shadowside)
Mushbarber/Kirisaki Joker
Atsushi Kamaoto/Kamadouma KamamotoAtsushi Kamadouma
Ikarin/Gesodrill Ikarin Gesodrill
Inari/Tatarigitsune Inari Inari (Shadowside)
Shibumenken/Menkueater Shibumenken
Filmlin (Shadowside)
Leon/Dr. Chameleon Dme4cE8VsAAiAL2 Dme4-aPU8AAonJD
Hana Poncho
Hana Poncho (Shadowside)
Poofessor Poofessor (lightside) Poofessor
Venoct Venoct (lightside) Venoct (shadowside)