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Yokai Watch Lina Portrait
Japanese name 前田里奈
Age 11
Hometown Springdale
Game debut Yo-kai Watch

Lina (Japanese: 前田里奈 Maeda Rina) is a student in class 502 and a classmate to Nathan and Katie.

Physical traits

Lina has a fair skin and long blue hair with bangs that cover her eyes. She wears light purple dress with a dark purple cardigan on top.


Lina is a mysterious, spooky girl with a strong passion for ghosts. She has a strong spiritual connection and can frequently sense yokai, but is unable to see any.



Initially, under the influence of Suspicioni, Zoey finds Lina suspicious and starts to secretly follow her. When the player defeats the yokai, Zoey and Lina strike up a friendship over a mutual love for ghosts. In Yo-kai Watch 2, the two form the Ghost Club where they investigate rumors at night in hopes of meeting a yokai.



Yo-kai Watch

She is involved in the Sneaking Suspicion request.

Yo-Kai Watch 2

Lina is part of the Ghost Club alongside Zoey, where the two investigate local rumors involving ghosts. In Ghost Club at School, she investigates the school at night with Zoey to find the source of the mysterious crying. In The Haunted Hospital, Lina explores the abandoned hospital with Lina in hopes of encountering a yokai. In The Phantom Giant, Lina and Zoey investigate the rumor of a giant appearing at the newly constructed Sports Club. When the girls fail to see any ghosts, Lina is disheartened and gives up on the investigation. When the elevator ends up taking them to an abandoned construction site, Lina is delighted at the ghostly activity and keeps moving forward. The two ends up meeting Massiface, the only yokai they've been able to see, and after hearing his story decide to befriend him and promise to visit him.

In other languages

  • Spanish: Sandra
  • Italian: Lina
  • German: Sibylle

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