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Loiter (Japanese: さまよう怪魔 Samayō Kaima) is a Drain-attribute Wicked Yo-kai which possesses Classic Yo-kai into Wicked Servants.


Loiters have slender dark purple wispy bodies. They have red eyes, teal tongues, and have rows of sharp teeth. A dark pink flame is spotted on top of their heads.

Just like Flicker and Schemer this Yo-kai has the ability to shoot a translucent beam at its opponents.

They can also make people and Yo-kai turn into their wicked counterparts just like Flicker and Schemer.



Abilities and Powers

Like Schemer and the Flicker, Loiter has the power to possess Classic Yo-kai and turn them into Wicked Servants.

In Other Languages

  • Italian: Serposcura
  • German: Grämamba
  • Spanish: Transeúntio