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Japanese name 日影真生
Age 11
Hometown Springdale
Relatives King Maka (Ancestor)
King Matatabi (Ancestor)
King Mizuchi (Ancestor)
King Tekkaku (Ancestor)
King Enma (Father)
Lord Enma (Nephew)
Game debut Yo-kai Watch

Lucas (Japanese: 日影真生 Hikage Mao) is a student in Springdale Elementary. He is actually a Yo-kai who takes the form of a human child and is the son of the late King Enma.


Lucas has black hair of average length at the back, though at the front he has a long side fringe that covers a large portion of the right side of his face. He has large rimless glasses and dark gray eyes. He wears a yellow coat and blue jeans.

Lucas appears to be a quite shy but good-natured boy, even when confronted with unknown situations he doesn't seem to get fazed easily, and althought he was born a Yo-kai, he enjoys living and being raised as a human.


King Enma

King Enma was Lucas' father.

Lord Enma

Lord Enma is Lucas' nephew, as revealed in Yokai Watch 3: Sukiyaki.

Nate and Katie

Lucas is in the same classroom as Nate and Katie, Lucas often aids them by revealing his prophetic dreams to them.


Yo-kai Watch

Lucas makes his debut in the first game, and while he can be found around town in earlier chapters, he doesn't play much of a role until the last chapter "Farewell Yo-kai". After having a prophetic dream, he reveals to the player that he's able to see Yo-kai and holds the key that connects Springdale to the Yo-kai World. He is later revealed to be the son of King Enma.

After the main story is cleared, talking to Lucas will give the player the option to fight McKraken again.

Yo-kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits/Fleshy Souls

Completing Lucas' request "Back to the Yo-kai World" will give the player access to the Yo-kai World, which is needed in order to unlock McKraken's optional boss fight and completing Venoct's quest*.

Completing his second quest "Nightmare Revelation" will allow the player to use the drop item Ghostly Goo to befriend Wobblewok.

Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki

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After completing the request "Enma Note", the request "Enma Note Part 2" will be unlocked, where Nate is asked to help Lord Enma to revive all the Yo-kai that have been erased by the Enma Note. Towards the end of the quest, it is revealed that Lucas' name had been written into the Enma Note as well.

After Lord Enma enters the Note, he finds Lucas there among the erased Yo-kai. After realizing that he too possesses the blood of Enma, he asks Lucas if he also wanted to become the King Enma, which Lucas denies and explains that he is happy enough living in a world where humans and Yo-kai can co-exist peacefully.

After this, Lucas can be found around Mt. Wildwood again, like in the previous games. If Nate talks to him, he'll be glad to see both him and Whisper again. At the end of their conversation, Lucas aks the two of them to thank Lord Enma for him, if they happen to run into him.



  • In the anime, he is mostly a background character and his ability to see Yo-kai is never mentioned
  • His Yo-kai form has never been revealed.
  • Due to his lineage, it is possible that he's a Yo-kai from the Enma tribe.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 日影真生 Hikage Mao
Flag of Spain Spanish Fausto
Flag of Germany German Lukas
Flag of Italy Italian Lucio

Portuguese: Lúcio

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