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The Manga Artist Girl is a minor character of the Yo-kai Watch animated series. She first debut in Komasan's third minicorner, "Komasan in Love".


Komasan recently saw her at a local coffee shop and briefly fell in love with her, but is distraught by the fact that they can't be together due to coming from different worlds. He then often disguises himself as a human to befriend her and aids her when she loses her manuscript on the sidewalk. Later, he finds her disconsolate in the shop, and she explains that her publisher rejected her Yo-kai comic since no one believes in Yo-kai anymore.

As their hands briefly touch, Komasan realizes that he encountered the same girl when she was much younger; she had passed him by with her grandmother while holding a cone of soft served ice cream, which caught his attention. The Manga Artist Girl admits that the experience was what inspired her to draw Yo-kai comics in the first place, but has now become discouraged by constant rejection. Bravely, Komasan reveals himself, inspiring the girl to draw her next comic based on him. Komasan purchases her comic, but is disappointed to find that she portrayed him as a towering, ferocious monster. Ultimately, Komasan admits that he doesn't regret talking to her despite the relationship not working out, and gained a liking for coffee (which he previously found disgusting).

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