Manjimutt (Japanese: じんめん犬 Jinmenken) is a series of mini-episodes within the Yo-kai Watch anime that follows the eponymous Yo-kai attempting to live his dreams and avoid imprisonment.

List of Episodes

Season 1

The episodes of this "season" follow the title of the series and are called "parts". Manjimutt narrates each episode, often to recap previous segments and to tell the story. However, each episode he end ups doing stuff that triggers the law and gets him arrested.

Season 2: The Great (Dog) Escape

The episodes of this "season" are titled "Manjimutt: The Great (Dog) Escape" (Japanese: じんめん犬シーズン2 犬脱走 Jinmenken Shīzun 2: Inudassō, "Jinmenken Season 2: The Dog Escape"). In this season, Manjimutt ends up being sent to the high-security prison of Alcatraz due to his constant succeeded escapes from prison (rather, being summoned by Nathan Adams to "do his bidding"). The episodes follow Manjimutt's attempt to escape, on his own and with help from others.


  • In Russia, the segment was not shown at all.