Mark Orckerberg (Japanese: マーク・シャッチーバーグ Māku Shatchībāgu) is a Yo-kai of the Slippery tribe. He is the new CEO of Yopple Inc. in the Yo-kai World after Steve Jaws stepped down.


He is a dark blue orca wearing a brownish gray t-shirt, pants, and he has a turf of brown hair.


Mark is a very level-headed businessman but he still has animal instincts, such as it is, that he can be baited by fish on a line and lured towards a water park where he becomes a part of the orca acrobatics show.


Abilities and Powers


Mark Orckerberg first appeared in A New Watch!, where he becomes the new CEO of Yopple Inc. after Steve Jaws steps down following a controversy revolving around who built the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero.


In Other Languages

  • French: Mark Orckerberg