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Mass Mutterer
プリズンブレイカー, Purizun Bureikā
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Yo-kai Watch 3
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Wibble Wobble
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Mass Mutterer has no favorite food.
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Mass Mutterer has no favorite food.
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Stats of Mass Mutterer is unknown.

Mass Mutterer (Japanese: プリズンブレイカー Purizun Bureikā) is a Boss Yo-kai which first appeared in Yo-kai Watch Busters. In Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, he's an exclusive Boss belonging to the Eerie tribe. He is fought in Chapter 9 of Yo-kai Watch Busters.



Mass Mutterer has an uncanny resemblance to Manjimutt, except that he himself is taller and muscular. He has tan skin, brown body fur, eyes with golden yellow irises, black sclera, and pointed ends, sharp teeth, purple markings that are found surrounding his eyes, and black claws. His hair on the top was shaped into a tall turquoise mohawk while the lower part is brown and straight, and his tail is a large jagged wisp of the same former color. He wears prison clothing, hence his original name, that are ripped in many places, mostly at the ends, and broken chains on his wrists and one on the right ankle.

Mass Mutterer was frequently seen holding Sam, who is supposedly a character that debuted in The Great Escape minicorner. Unlike the original, this version of Sam has sharp teeth and stitches on his body and mouth.


Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

Mass Mutterer occasionally appears in certain weeks in Score Attack, the players who score the highest will be the ones who befriend him.

Yo-kai Watch Busters

Mass Mutterer appears as the boss of Chapter 9, fought in Shoppers Row. Upon beating him he can also be fought in Boss Rush.

Yo-kai Sangokushi

Mass Mutterer can be fought in a challenge boss battle.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Mass Mutterer appears very occasionally after capturing a set of Yo-Criminals, you can be awarded a lot of points for beating him. In the Sukiyaki version he can also be battled as a boss in the Busters-T mode.


Abilities and Powers



Type Name Power Attribute Range
No description.
No description.
No description.
Soultimate Move Great Escape
No description.
No description.


  • Befriended (Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble/PuniPuni): "That's right!! I've fallen for you!! Damnit!! (Japanese: そうだよ!! 惚れちまったよ!! コンチクシヨーーーーツ! That's it! I couldn't stop myself from taking a liking to you! Daaaaarn it!)"



  • Some of Mass Mutterer's traits are carried from the anime, specifically, from Manjimutt Season 2: The Great Escape, such as his name and appearance -which mirror Manjimutt's stay in Alcatraz- and his usage of Sam.
    Prison Breaker Wib Wob


Mass Mutterer's is based on Manjimutt's stay on Alcatraz in the "The Great Escape" corner of the anime.

Name Origin

  • Mass Mutterer is a portmanteau of "mass murderer" and mutt.

In other languages

  • Japanese:
  • Korean:
  • French: Marmonner en série
  • Spanish:
  • German:
  • Italian: Brontolante
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Bandideiro
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