Megan Jones (Japanese: 佐々木めぐみ Sasaki Megumi) known also as Meg (Japanese: メグちゃん Megu-chan) is a student in Year 5 Class 2 and a classmate to Nate, Bear, Eddie, and Katie.

Physical traits

Meg has a fair skin, black eyes, and auburn colored hair put into two pigtails, which are held by two strawberry elastic bands.

She wears a pink striped tanktop with a white frill at the top, a blue denim skirt with a frill at the bottom and pink sneakers.




Lulu and Meg are best friends, but the two can get competitive with one another.



Yo-kai Watch

Yo-Kai Watch 2

Meg can be found during the day by the poles at Springfield Elementary. Once the player is able to climb to the top, she'll be impressed and states "I guess you can do anything if you just set your mind to it!"

In the request "Springdale Star Pt. 1", Meg tells the player of her goal to become the Springdale Star, but is worried about losing out to her best friend Lulu. The player calls upon Shmoopie to inspirit Meg to increase her chances, and the two girls end up passing the first round. In the following request "Springdale Star Pt. 2", the player can choose to either help Lulu or Meg with the final round. If the player chooses Meg, they must call upon Pinkipoo to inspirit her. The yokai ends up backfiring on both girls and neither of the two win, causing the two to patch up their friendship.

In other languages

  • Spanish: Margarita
  • Italian: Margherita 'Marghe'
  • German: Jenny
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Anita