Merican Yo-kai (Japanese: メリケン妖怪 Meriken Yōkai) are Yo-kai from America and can be found in St. Peanutsburg and Springdale. Their Yo-kai medals can only be inserted into the Yo-kai Watch U in order to be summoned.

Merican Medals are red, much like the Classic Medals. However, they are a more vibrant red and their toy medals are a see-through sparkling plastic, and their Medals' backgrounds that tend to have a comic book aesthetic to them, with the names of the Yo-kai being put in a word bubble. In addition, the squares that contain the directional arrow and the Yo-kai tribe icon are instead made to resemble the US flag.

However, Tomnyan, the KK Brothers (K-Jiro and K-Koma), Nyaaminator, Heronyan, and Dark Koma are the only Merican Yo-kai who have Dream Medals, which resemble poker chips, instead of Merican Medals.

List of Merican Yo-kai by Tribes

Brave tribe

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
D Damajor sprite Damajor Ice Hot Dogs
B Damajor Nine Ice Hot Dogs
C Nikuyaki Fire Meat
B Iballoon Fire Hot Dogs
S HanzoUkiukipedia Hanzou Wind Sushi
S Kotarou Wind Sushi
A Fuyunyan Ace Wind Seafood
A Heronyan Wind Unknown

Mysterious tribe

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
E Packer Lightning Donuts
D Marunugget Earth Ice Cream
D PintocornUkiukipedia Cornfused Lightning Donuts
D Karayaburi Ice Bread
C IeayUkiukipedia Yeeey Fire Pizza
C Rainbone Water Ice Cream
C Peraperaion Fire Pizza
B Himajin Wind Ice Cream
B Miss Terry Water Pasta
A Otonakai Water Pasta
S Bunny Mint Wind Sweets
S Snow Rabby Ice Sweets

Tough tribe

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
E Myccar Fire Donuts
B Brooklin Earth Hot Dogs
E Amanjiru Earth Candy
A Gyujiru Earth Candy
D OburgerUkiukipedia Oburger Lightning Hamburgers
D Maunten Earth Curry
D Akkerakan Water Donuts
A Shireikan Water Donuts
C Sing Kong Lightning Hot Dogs
A Steaking Fire Meat
A RobonyanUSA-Ukiukipedia Robonyan USA Lightning Chocobars
S The Shark Water Hot Dogs
S El Syaclero Water Hot Dogs
S Skysyariman Water Sushi
A Nyaaminator Fire Chocobars
B Wall Guy Earth
S Mecha Orochi Lightning Unknown
S Mecha Kyubi Lightning Unknown

Charming tribe

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
E Hottocake Restoration Sweets
E Ikiataribatta Wind Vegetables
E Kotenpan Earth Milk
A Obaguette Earth Milk
E Unbelievabou Fire Snacks
S Bad Boya Fire Snacks
S Gekikara Boy Fire Snacks
D Wakarunner Wind Hot Dogs
D NecolumbusUkiukipedia Necolumbus Water Seafood
D Demonade Water Sweets
C Nanskunk Ice Pizza
C Okiraccoon Water Juice
C OtonabullUkiukipedia Otonabull Ice Juice
B Tomnyan Tomnyan Fire Delish-sticks
B YD1-029 s KK Brothers (K-Koma & K-Jiro) Restoration Ice Cream
A Jibanyan King Fire Chocobar
A Komasan Jack Fire Ice Cream
A Komajuro Lightning Milk
S Warunolin Lightning
S Tomnyan S Fire Delish-sticks
S K-Koma S Restoration Ice Cream
S K-Jiro S Restoration Ice Cream

Heartful tribe

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
E Harmory Restoration Pasta
B Hungry G Restoration Meat
D Afro 13 Water Donuts
D Ashitagirl Restoration Ice Cream
C Sundae Papa Restoration Ice Cream
C Gattenmeier Restoration Pasta
C EthanIttele Water Hot Dogs
C Country Ba'aba Restoration Milk
B Hamigaki-fujin Restoration Tempura
S Speedy W Restoration Pizza
S Kung Fu Mach Restoration Pizza
C Sunny Lettuce-san Restoration Unknown
A Morula Restoration

Shady tribe

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
E Tsubuyaki Earth Pizza
B Treet Earth Pizza
D Karikari Bacon Fire Hot Dogs
D Geekun Drain Pizza
A Hacking Drain Pizza
C Inchicken Drain Pizza
C Annojoe Ice Hot Dogs
C Aitttimes Drain Ice Cream
B KapperUkiukipedia Kapper Ice Hamburgers
B USApyon USApyon Ice Donuts
B USApyon 1 USApyon (American Football Style) Lightning Donuts
B USApyon 2 USApyon (Marine Style) Water Donuts
B USApyon 3 USApyon (Military Style) Earth Donuts
B Usapyon-driving USApyon (Driving Style) Wind Donuts
B B-USApyon B-USApyon Ice Donuts
S Zero-hakaseUkiukipedia Zero-hakase Drain Tempura
S Dr. Kagemura Drain Tempura
A USApyon Queen Ice Donuts
C Ittan-Sorry Drain Unknown
A Dark Komar Unknown Unknown
A USAtofu Restoration
S Gorgeous-taishi Lightning Tempura

Eerie tribe

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
E Kaeri Tie Fire Milk
E Yabuletter Drain Hamburgers
D Kibandoll Drain Ice Cream
D Fuankan Ice Hot Dogs
S Origin Drain Pizza
S Phantom Drain Pizza
S Saki-chan Fire Tempura

Slippery tribe

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
E Maimaipace Water Seafood
E Dasocks Lightning Pasta
B Addaconda Lightning Pasta
D OttamagatorUkiukipedia Ottamagator Water Meat
D NammoniteUkiukipedia Nammonite Water Seafood
D Dinoshi Earth Hot Dogs
S D-Rex Earth Hot Dogs
S Dozilla Earth Hot Dogs
A Chocobanana Lightning Sweet Things
A Whisbaba Drain Ice Cream


  • The only Merican Yo-Kai so far to have localized names are USApyon and Cornfused.

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