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As its name implies, Mooglinyan is a Jibanyan with the charateristics of a Moogle, a popular creature and mascot of the Final Fantasy series.



Abilities and Powers


When being recruited(Punipuni)"Kupo~! What, I've become concerned for you, kupo~!(クポ~!なんだかきみがとっても気になるクポ~!)


Type Name Power Attribute Range
No description.
Attack Hit(はたく) 30-105 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Paradise(極楽の術) Single ally
No description.
Skill moogle power(モーグリパワー)
No description.
Soultimate Move Ultimate magic arutenya(究極魔法アルテニャ) 160-240 1 row, middle column
No description.
Skill Moog Power(モグパワー)
Increases the spirit of yo-kai in it's front


Well inside a forest in the USA, the player encounters a Mooglinyan. This Mooglinyan asks the player for help seeking five other Mooglinyans in the forest. After reuniting the six, the leader Mooglinyan will befriend you automatically.



Mooglinyan is a reference to the second mascot of the Final Fantasy series, the Moogle.

Name Origin

Mooglinyan is a mix between "Moogle" and "nyan."

In Other Languages

  • Italian: Mogurinyan