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Mr. Batham (Japanese: ガタロウガマン Gatarou Gaman) is a minor character of the Yo-kai Watch series.


Mr. Batham is an elderly man with grey hair and a beard. He is usually seen wearing a blue robe, blue pants, and sandals.




As a studio executive, Mr. Batham approves for both Directator's movies in EP031 and EP035. His signature pose is making the "Okay" sign with his right hand.


In Yo-kai Watch 2, Sproink sees Mr. Batham as an old friend.

Enduriphant and Fidgephant

Many Fidgephant revere Mr. Batham as a master of endurance. One specimen who eventually evolved into Enduriphant still holds him in high regard and even refuses to challenge him in endurance; Mr. Batham appears to recognize it and refers to it as "little Enduriphant".



He first debut near the end of EP015 when he turned up the heat higher, unaware that the latter causes Sproink to get out of the hot spring. When Nate asks if the water is too hot for him, Mr. Batham states that the current water temperature was not warm enough for him.

Mr. Batham then appeared twice as Directator's studio executive in EP031 and EP035 where he approved of Directator's ideas.

In EP039, Mr. Batham is among the people that are inspirited by Failian.

In EP061, it is revealed that Mr. Batham has trained some Fidgephants where one of them evolved into Enduriphant. While Nate was competing on "Endure it & Win!" with Enduriphant's help, Mr. Batham appeared as the final, ultimate opponent Nate had to face under the name of Sir Vivor Copington. During the Lobster Boiler challenge, Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan remembered him. Upon recognizing Mr. Batham, Enduriphant chose not to go against his master, taking his leave and causing Nate to forfeit the game as Enduriphant's medal appears on Nate's forehead. Sir Vivor Copington won the latest gaming console where the Fidgephants asked if they can play with it. Sir Vivor Copington tells them that he will use it first which the Fidgephants agree with.


  • He is one of the backup dancers during the Sproink and Hoggles battles along with Wiglin.
  • In EP061, he is referred to as "Sir Vivor Copington."

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