Mr. Thatchet
Mr Thatchet
Japanese name 担任の先生
Age N/A
Hometown Springdale
Relatives Sophie Thatchet (Daughter)
Japanese voice Kensuke Sato
English voice Joey D'Auria
Anime debut EP017

Mr. Thatchet (Japanese: ソレ田社長 President Sorejida) is a character from Yo-kai Watch and is the president of Dandai.


In the anime

Season 1

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Physical traits

is a short man with a blue complete with glasses and brown hair.


he is a good president, gently with Komasan and he love his daughter Sophie.



Komasan is his good friend and employee. He promoted him many times.


In other languages

  • Spanish:
  • French:
  • German:
  • Italian: Arthur Thatchet
  • Portuguese:
  • Korean:
  • Chinese:
  • Thai:
  • Arabic:

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