Mr. Zen
Japanese name 正天寺和尚
Age N/A
Hometown Springdale
Japanese voice
English voice
Game debut Yo-kai Watch (video game)
Anime debut

Mr. Zen (Japanese: 正天寺和尚 Shōten-ji Oshō) is a character from Yo-kai Watch and is a rather aged Buddhist monk who is stationed at Shoten Temple in Blossom Hights. In the games, he is responsible for the Fusion processes the player may need during their adventures in Japan.


In the anime

Season 1

Physical traits

is a old, bald man with moustache, and is wearing the kimono temple.


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  • Mr. Zen was never named in the original version.

In other languages

  • Spanish:
  • English:
  • French:
  • German:
  • Italian: Fratello Zen
  • Portuguese:
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