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The Mysterious tribe (Japanese: フシギ族 Fushigi-zoku) is one of the eleven Yo-kai Tribes, with this tribe having its Yo-kai specializing in Yo-kai Techniques and other forms of sorcery. On another note, the Mysterious tribe has one of the stranger assortment of Yo-kai in terms of appearances.

The Mysterious tribe's emblem is a curved swirl on a yellow background. When two or more Mysterious Yo-kai are adjacent to each other in battle, they will receive a Mysterious Unity spirit bonus.

Summoning Song/Chant

Wazzat - Yo-Kai Watch Summoning00:22

Wazzat - Yo-Kai Watch Summoning

Yo-kai Watch


The summoning chant is: "A-Boo-shiggy, boo-shiggy, boogie woogie! Cling-clang delirious, Mysterious!"


In the anime, and when playing with the toys, their chant is: "Fushigi! Fushigi! Boogie woogie! We only want to have a great time!" (Japanese: フシギ!フシギ!ブギウギ!オレたちゃ、オオハシャギー! Fushigi! Fushigi! Bugiugi! Oretacha, ōhashagī!).

Yo-kai Watch Model Zero

Like all of the originally introduced Yo-kai Tribes, the Mysterious tribe's chant is replaced with instrumentals.

Yo-Kai watch tattletell u summon version movie 200:20

Yo-Kai watch tattletell u summon version movie 2

Yo-kai Watch U

In the anime and when playing with the toys, their chant is: "Fushigi! Fushigi! Fushigi-zoku!" (Japanese: フシギ!フシギ!フシギ族! Fushigi! Fushigi! Fushigi-zoku!, translates into "Fushigi! Fushigi! Fushigi tribe!") while being accompanied by samba music.

Yo-Kai watch dream tattletell summon Japanese00:31

Yo-Kai watch dream tattletell summon Japanese

Yo-kai Watch Dream

In the anime, and when playing with the toys, their chant is: "Fushigi! Fushigi! What is going on?! Fushigiiiii!" (Japanese: フシギ!フシギ!何が出るのかな?フシギー! Fushigi! Fushigi! Nani ga deru no ka na? Fushigī!) while being accompanied by big band music.

Dark Yo-kai Watch

In the anime, and when playing with the toys, their chant is: (Japanese: こりゃフシギ!食べ過ぎ飲み過ぎ騒ぎ過ぎ~! Korya Fushigi! Tabe sugi nomi sugi sawagi sugi~!) while being accompanied by dark suspenseful music.

List of Mysterious Yo-kai

Rank S Yo-kai

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
Rank S icon Hatsudenshin Statiking Lightning Rice Balls
Rank S icon Homuratengu YW4-009 Tengu Wind Candy
Rank S icon Flengusprite Flengu Fire Candy
Rank S icon Yami Kyuubi YW3-006 Kyubi Fire Seafood
Rank S icon YW9-008 Frostail Ice Seafood
Rank S icon YW9-009 Chymera Lightning Chinese Food
Rank S icon YW10-004 Kingmera Lightning Sushi
Rank S icon Onigama Toadal Demon Water Sushi
Rank S icon Shutendoji YD2-010 Shutendoji Fire Tempura
Rank S icon Bunny Mint Bunny Mint Wind Sweets
Rank S icon YD3-011 Snow Rabby Ice Sweets
Rank S icon YD2-013 Hoteison Wind Soba
Rank S icon None Edison Lightning Hamburgers
Rank S icon YD2-009 Kirakoma Lightning Ice Cream
Rank S icon Shurakoma YW1-014 Komashura Fire Milk
Rank S icon None Mazinkhamun Lightning Curry

Rank A Yo-kai

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
Rank A icon None Too-Much-To-Take Wind Pasta
Rank A icon None Sonaandaa Lightning Curry
Rank A icon Motemacool Casanuva Wind Bread
Rank A icon Casanono Casanono Fire Bread
Rank A icon Ayamarioshi Bowminos Earth Curry
Rank A icon Enraenra YW7-009 Smogmella Wind Sweets
Rank A icon Denjin YW1-013 Signiton Lightning Rice Balls
Rank A icon Odenjin YW6-010 Master Oden Lightning Oden
Rank A icon YW9-006 Miradox Drain Chinese Food
Rank A icon Yamikagami Mircle Drain Chinese Food
Rank A icon YW9-007 Maginyan Fire Sweets
Rank A icon None Otonakai Water Pasta

Rank B Yo-kai

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
Rank B icon Houzzat Houzzat Wind Candy
Rank B icon Babaan YW2-009 Tattlecast Restoration Ramen
Rank B icon Horoshi Alloo Lightning Chinese Food
Rank B icon YW9-005 Espy* Earth Veggies
Rank B icon Yotsume YW7-007 Infour Drain Veggies
Rank B icon Sebastian YW6-009 Verygoodsir Restoration Soba
Rank B icon None Seidenki Lightning Snacks
Rank B icon None Nazotoki Wind Seafood
Rank B icon None Kamikakushi Drain Hamburgers
Rank B icon None Himajin Wind Ice Cream
Rank B icon None Miss Terry Water Pasta

Rank C Yo-kai

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
Rank C icon Yametaishi N'more Restoration Hamburgers
Rank C icon Mosenosho Q'wit Earth Hamburgers
Rank C icon Aokuchibiru Blips Drain Hamburgers
Rank C icon Dokurobaa Skranny Restoration Ramen
Rank C icon U.S.O. YW4-008 Failian Ice Sushi
Rank C icon Apelican YW5-007 Apelican Wind Hamburgers
Rank C icon EYW-010 Fuu2 Wind Bread
Rank C icon None Sutton-kyo Drain Doughnuts
Rank C icon IeayUkiukipedia Yeeey Fire Pizza
Rank C icon None Rainbone Water Ice Cream
Rank C icon Peraperaion Peraperaion Fire Pizza
Rank C icon Maboroshi YW1-012 Illoo Water Chinese Food
Rank C icon Kageroshi Elloo Ice Chinese Food
Rank C icon Ungaikyou YW3-004 Mirapo Drain Chinese Food
Rank C icon None Yoganalisten Earth Curry

Rank D Yo-kai

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
Rank D icon Kazekamo YW6-008 Duchoo Ice Seafood
Rank D icon Nopperabou YW5-005 Faysoff Water Oden
Rank D icon Hanahojin YW8-005 Snottle Drain Snacks
Rank D icon None Hijouguchi Water Pasta
Rank D icon Marunugget YD2-007 Marunugget Earth Ice Cream
Rank D icon PintocornUkiukipedia Cornfused Lightning Doughnuts
Rank D icon None Unshelltered Ice Bread
Rank D icon Waraenee YW2-008 Lafalotta Drain Hamburgers
Rank D icon Bakurobaa YW1-008 Tattletell Restoration Ramen
Rank D icon Motemoten YW5-006 Cupistol Wind Bread
Rank D icon Ittangomen YW5-004 So-Sorree Lightning Curry
Rank D icon Koenra Smogling Wind Sweets
Rank D icon Denpaku-kozoYW1-007 Signibble Lightning Rice Balls

Rank E Yo-kai

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
Rank E icon Sakasakkasa YW4-007 Brokenbrella Wind Snacks
Rank E icon Bakezori YW8-004 Pittapatt Earth Snacks
Rank E icon None Zip Unlock Lightning Doughnuts
Rank E icon None Kuchisuberashi Ice Hot Dogs
Rank E icon Snotsolong Snotsolong Water Seafood
Rank E icon Tsuzukanasou YW7-004 D'wanna Restoration Hamburgers
Rank E icon Wasurenbou YW1-006 Wazzat Wind Candy
Rank E icon Bakazukin YW1-005 Dummkap Thunder Candy
Rank E icon SoramimizukuUkiukipedia Soramimizuku Wind Pasta
Rank E icon None Nandenaan Lightning Curry

Other Mysterious Yo-kai

Rank Name Favorite Food
SS Tattleterror Ramen
SS Robonyan 3000 Chocobars
SS Kyubi Awoken Seafood
SS Sakura Orochi Sweets
SS Whaleman Seafood
SS Oranyan M Chocobars
SS Kaito Kid ?
S Pompompurin S Milk
S Black Kyubi ?
S Byron Love ?
A Detective Conyan Chocobars
B Detective Conan ?
B Pompompurin Milk
? Directator ?
? Fuu ?
? Moso Monmon ?
? Black Tattletell ?


  • The Mysterious tribe is the only tribe with no Local Yo-kai.

In Other Languages

  • Italian: Tribù Misteriosa

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