Mystery Legendary Yo-kai (Japanese: ミステリーレジェンド妖怪 Misuterī Rejendo Yōkai) are a special class of Legendary Yo-kai debuting in Yo-kai Watch 3. Many of the Yo-kai in this group are based on ancient civilizations, with a large number of Mystery Legendary Yo-kai having Egyptian themes.

The Mystery Legendary Yo-kai can only be obtained through special Boss fights by clearing special dungeons or, in the case of the Brave tribe and Slippery tribe members, using special Stones named after them in Busters Treasure Mode.

List of Mystery Legend Yo-kai

Tribe Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
Isamashi medal Shivalak Shivaraku Fire Sukiyaki
Fushigi medal Roboegypt Mazinkhamun Lightning Curry
Goketsu medal YD5-017 Go-king Dead Earth Soba Noodles
Pretty medal YD8-021 Pandora Drain Sukiyaki
Pokapoka medal King Reaction King Reaction Wind Sukiyaki
Usurakage medal YD6-037 Nyastet Drain Seafood
Bukimi medal YD7-045 Zurabis Drain Bread
Nyororon medal Nostradamas Nostradamas Ice Soba Noodles


  • The Mystery Legendary Yo-kai are either based on contemporary figures in mythology or pop culture references:
    • Shivalak is based on Shiva, a Hindu god with multiple arms and weapons in hands.
    • Mazinkhamun is based on Tutankhamun's sarcophagus, with Mazinkhamun's face being a reference to the design seen in the super robot series Mazinger Z.
    • Go-king Dead's name is a pun on the TV show The Walking Dead (Japanese: ウォーキング・デッド Wōkingu Deddo).
    • Pandora is based on her namesake from Greek mythology, who is infamous for the Pandora's Box incident.
    • King Reaction is most likely a reference to the classic cartoon The Genie Family (Japanese: ハクション大魔王 Hakushon-daimaō).
    • Nyastet is based on Bastet, an Egyptian goddess of war that once was represented by a lioness until later being represented as a cat following the unification of ancient Egypt.
    • Zurabis is based on Anubis, an Egyptian god of the dead, specifically a Judge of the Dead, who weighs the hearts of the deceased to see if they were worthy of passing on. He is said to have the head of a jackal.
    • Nostradamas is based on Nostradamus, a French physician and seer who published collections of prophecies.
  • Shivalak and Nostradamas are the only Mystery Legendaries that were not within the 2.0 Update, but instead were added into Yo-kai Watch 3 with its 2.2 Update.
    • As such, Shivalak is the first time a Legendary of the Brave tribe is seen past both a Legendary of the Mysterious and Slippery tribes.