Nammonite (Japanese: ナンモナイト Nanmonaito) is a Water (attribute) Merican Yo-kai of the Slippery tribe.


Nammonite resembles a cream-yellow spiraling sea shell with four fuchsia stripes that move to the center of his shelled body. He has small black arms and oval eyes with green sclera.


Abilities and Powers

Nammonite can make people act without regrets, feeling that nothing really matters to them.


Nammonite debuts in EP112, where he inspirits Nate's parents, causing them to do outlandish things without regret. While Nate is annoyed by him at first, he quickly becomes impressed by Nammonite's no-regret lifestyle, and has Nammonite inspirit him. While inspirited by Nammonite, Nate does many bizarre things, but the cool way he plays them off earns him the admiration of his friends and classmates. This culminates in Nate shaving his head; the ultimate sign that he has nothing to regret. Feeling his work is done, Nammonite bids Nate adieu. However, without Nammonite's influence, Nate quickly loses his cool and panics over his now-bald head.


He can be found in the alleyway in St. Peanutsburg.


Nammonite's name is a word play on ammonite and "nanmonai" (なんもない), which means "it's nothing".