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Nathaniel Adams
Nathaniel artwork
Japanese name 敬三天野
Hometown Harrisville
Relatives Nate (Grandson)
Lucy Adams (Wife)
Aaron Adams (Son)
Lily Adams (Daughter-in-law)
Japanese voice Romi Park
English voice Meyer DeLeeuw
Game debut Yo-kai Watch 2
Anime debut M01
Movie debut Yo-kai Watch the Movie

Nathaniel Adams is a character introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2. He is a mysterious kid from 60 years ago, who fights the Wicked Yo-kai. Eventually, it's revealed that he is Nate's grandfather.


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Prior to the series, Nathaniel found a crystal marble along the riverside of his hometown, Harrisville. By peering into the crystal, Nathaniel discovered the world of Yo-Kai, ending up helping and befriending various Yo-Kai in need. The experience inspired him to make plans for a prototype that would become the Yo-Kai Watch.

However, these plans caught the attention of Dame Dedtime, who sought to take over the world and wished to prevent the collaboration of humans and Yo-Kai. To this end, she had her underlings Kin and Gin Inspirit two local bullies and harass one of Nathaniel's weaker friends. Despite a prior promise to defend his friend, Nathaniel became overcome by fear and failed to do so, causing his friend to lash out at him for breaking his promise. Severely demoralized, Nathaniel resolved to push away everyone around him, rejecting both people and Yo-Kai and abandoning his plans for the Yo-Kai Watch.

In the future, this resulted in Nate's Yo-Kai Watch disappearing, necessitating Nathaniel's Yo-Kai friend Hovernyan to find Nate in the future and bring him sixty years into the past. Although initially rude towards Nate, Nathaniel eventually warmed up to him after Nate (albeit reluctantly) agreed to play the role of his sidekick.

In order to rescue Jibanyan after he was captured by Dame Dedtime's minions, Nathaniel assisted Nate in mounting a rescue operation. With his courage and willingness to associate with friends restored, the Yo-Kai Watch manifested on both his and Nate's wrists, allowing them to call on all the Yo-Kai friends they made and defeat the Wicked Yo-Kai.

Nathaniel gave Nate his Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero, deciding to build his own and leave his future grandson with a memento of their time together. By Nate's present, Nathaniel had passed on and turned into the Yo-Kai, Moximous N.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Physical traits

Nathaniel's appearance has an uncanny resemblance to Nate's, due to the latter being his grandson. Unlike Nate, he has tanned skin and wears a white tank top, beige shorts, a blue cape and wooden two-teeth geta sandals. He also wears a necklace with a small orange pouch.


Nathaniel is a very determined and confident kid who is obsessed with a superhero from a manga, Moximous Mask. His goal is to be the equal of Moximous Mask and often practices how to act like Moximous Mask. In the first movie, however, he is secretly haunted by a past trauma of failing to protect his friend, but eventually overcomes this and starts to trust people and Yo-Kai again.

Nathaniel is credited with the conception and creation of the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero, which later inspired the creation of the normal design in the games. He also created the prototypes for five Yo-Kai Medals, which would be complete before fighting against Kin and Gin alongside Hovernyan and five classic Yo-kai (which inspired the prototypes).

Nathaniel is agile and strong. He uses a wooden club to fight Wicked Yo-kai. He also has a sharp mind, being able to identify disguised Wicked Yo-kai who infiltrated the Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls armies in order to sparkle further animosity between the two sides.




Upon their first meeting, Nathaniel did not trust Nate at all and often acted in a rude way toward Nate. However, as their journey progressed, Nathaniel began warm up to Nate. Nathaniel becomes impressed by Nate's resolve and abilities enough to trust him with the Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero. Likewise, Nathaniel is eager to teach him his battle dance and pose, which Nate gradually learns.


Lucy is Nathaniel's childhood friend and appears to be one of the few people Nathaniel opened up to. He later introduces Lucy to the world of Yo-Kai and his plans for building his own Yo-Kai Watch. Some time later, he married Lucy and had one known child, Aaron.

Prior to him passing away, Nathaniel left Lucy the crystal marble he found as a child, allowing her to see Yo-Kai for herself.



Mirroring the relationship between Nate and Jibanyan, Nathaniel is usually seen with Hovernyan. The two share a close bond similarly to that of Nate and Jibanyan.

Whisper and Jibanyan

Other Yo-kai

Nathaniel was also seen to have helped and befriended the following Yo-Kai, allowing him to summon them at will:


  • Nathaniel, Mac, Lucy, and Kenny are the only characters who use something other than the Yo-kai Watch to see Yo-kai.

Name Origin

Nathaniel is a variation of Nate's proper name Nathan which emphasizes how he is related to Nate. This also applies to his Japanese name as well, in which Kei-ta and Kei-zou have the same first two kana in their names when written out.

He is also the first family member known to be reincarnated as a Yo-kai called Moximous N.

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