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Necolumbus (Japanese: 寝コロンブス) is a Rank D Water-attribute Merican Yo-kai of the Charming tribe.


Necolumbus is a feline Yo-kai with light-blue fur, medium tipped pointy ears, white inner ears, black eyes with stars as pupils, tiny pink nose, white paws, and a tail with the tip being medium blue and also shaped like an anchor. He wears a dark blue Colonial sailor outfit, consisting of a bicorn (type of hat) with golden rimming and buttons, and a lime yellow-green wisp on top, and a dark coat with yellow sleeve cuffs. He is seen lying down by the stomach and is also holding a telescope.

Necolumbus is a lazy cat Yo-kai who is looking for a new continent to relax on and be lazy, and also loves to dawdle.

Those inspirited by Necolumbus will laze around.


Yo-kai Watch 3

Necolumbus takes the role of Baku in Yo-kai Watch 3 in being the player's (Nate) decoy at night; therefore he is automatically befriended.


"Necolumbus" is a portmanteau of neko (ネコ) the Japanese word for "cat", nekorobu (寝転ぶ) to lie down, and 'Christopher Columbus'(コロンブス koronbusu), the discoverer of America.


Necolumbus is based on Indigo, a cat who inspired Christopher Columbus to be an explorer.


  • In the anime, Necolumbus is the only known Yo-kai that can evolve into a Legendary Yo-kai.
  • Necolumbus is the first Cat Yo-kai that hails from the Charming tribe to not have a shared design basis with Jibanyan.