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Nekojiro (Japanese: ネコジロー Nekojiro) is a Yo-kai who first appeared in EP100 of the anime.


Nekojiro is a rather plump cat with dark blue and white fur. He has light yellow coloured eyes with large black pupils, his nose and inner-ears are a dull shade of pink. He wears a collar with a traditional gold cat bell. His four tails end in purple flames.

Nekojiro is very leader-like, caring a lot for his comrades and friends.




Nekojiro came to greet Jibanyan in EP100 saying he had a better name and challenged him to see who had it better when they were alive.


One of Nekojiro's friends he was there to greet Jibanyan and kept getting angry because of the life Jibanyan had with Amy.


One of Nekojiro's friends who came to greet Jibanyan in EP100 he was also the judge of the contest Nekejiro and Jibanyan had.