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Nyuso made her first appearance in the anime episode 127.

She is a pink colored Yo-kai with reddish orange hair, with bright blue eyes, and wearing a dark red dress. She also appears to be wearing a diamond wedding ring on her right hand third finger.



During her first appearance she seen sitting next to Yo-kai Aitatatimes who has revealed to Nathan Adams, Jibanyan, and Whisper That he has started is own Yo-kai news report publishing Company and is in middle of his Honeymoon with his new Wife.

Abilities and Powers


Not much is Known about her history, but she was seen in the front page of New Yo-kai Times! Where it's stated that police we're on the look out for a Yo-kai responsible for fake marriages.


Whilie it's never stated if Nyuso is her real name or a fake one, but it might be derived from Nyusu (Japanese: ニュース News) which might be a reference to her picture on the front page in the New Yo-kai Times.