Yo-Kai Folktales Title

Old Lady Dream Theater (Japanese: 妖怪むかしばなし Youkai Mukashi Banashi) is a mini-series that runs from EP054 to EP057.


The setup is slightly altered between Japanese and English, due to the cultural backdrop utilized being absent from the latter. The basic premise, however, remains the same: Nate goes to retrieve his soccer ball from an unnamed old lady's house with Komasan and while they're there, she decides to tell them a story. This story takes the form of a Japanese folktale that's been altered to include a science-fiction twist.

There a few differences between the Japanese and English setup of the series. In the former her stories are folktales, while in the latter they're stories based on her dreams. Nate's response to being asked to listen is different as well; in the former he says he's heard them all before, in the latter he says that other people's dreams are boring. This also slightly alters his reaction; in the former he grows annoyed at how she's telling the story wrong, in the latter it's simply the abrupt change of direction.

List of Folktales

Princess Kaguya

Yo-Kai Folktales Princess Kaguya
Princess Kaguya (Japanese: かぐや姫 Kaguya-hime)

A twist on the Princess Kaguya story where the titular character (played by Whisper) becomes and astronaut and goes to the moon.


Yo-Kai Folktales Momotaro
Momotaro (Japanese: 桃太郎 Momotarou)

A twist on the story where the old lady, Jibanyan, naps, eats chocolate, naps again before going to the river to do the laundry. At first, she ignores the peach but then decides to take it home using her Paws Of Fury, because it was too hard to push it up the hill. After they cut the peach open, they find a baby, Whisper. Old man Nate and Jibanyan ponder names like "Peach Human" (Momonigen), "Peach Man" (Momo-otoko), Flying Squirrel (Momo-monga) and decide on the correct name, Peach Boy (Momotaro). Whisper then reluctantly goes on his adventure and finds Dandoodle, Komasan and Manjimutt where they help him in his fight against the army of Gargaros that reside on Oi Island. The ending of the story seems to parody an anime.

The Crane's Repayment

Yo-Kai Folktales The Crane's Repayment cover
The Crane's Repayment (Japanese: 鶴の恩返し Tsuru no Ongaeshi)

A twist on the story where Yohyou discovers a futuristic space traveling elevator, which is part of the lady's plan to terraform Mars and move there.

Urashima Taro

Yo-Kai Folktales Urashima Taro
Urashima Taro (Japanese: 浦島太郎 Urashimatarou)

A twist on the story the turtle is a submarine which takes Urashima Taro to the Dragon Palace, an underwater city which he himself had created. After the old lady finishes the story and Nate and Komasan leave her home, it's revealed that she was telling some sci-fi stories that someone close to her loved.

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