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[[image:{{{wibwob}}} Wibble Wobble.PNG|40px|center|link=]] Pinkipoo
ズキュキュン太, Zukyukyunta
Zukyukyunta YW4-019
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Attribute Rank
Restoration icon Rank B icon
Time Type
Anytime Present
Yo-kai Watch
Yo-kai Watch 2
Yo-kai Watch 3
Side-games numbers

Skill Effect
Popularity Skip a Beat
Favorite foods
Yo-kai Watch
Yo-kai Watch 2
Yo-kai Watch 3
Side-game favorite food
Pinkipoo has no favorite food.
Base Stats
Total: 2960

Pinkipoo (Japanese: ズキュキュン太 Zukyukyunta) is a Rank B Restoration-attribute Yo-kai of the Charming tribe.

Pinkipoo evolves from Shmoopie when fused with a Love Scepter.



A pale pink dog Yo-kai with large, heart-shaped ears with a smaller white heart inside to match the color of it's muzzle and dot-style eyebrows. It's eyes are pale blue, while it's neck fur and tail are light red and fluffy. It wears a dark purple hat with a lilac cloth hanging from it, a white top and pale blue hakama.

Game data


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Beat 40-88 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Paradise 80-120 Restoration Single ally
No description.
Inspirit Skip a Beat Single ally
Makes an ally's heart skip a beat. Steadily recovers HP.
Soultimate Move Heartmelt Love 120-180 Restoration All allies
He's so adorable! The hearts of his allies skip a beat and recover HP.
Skill Popularity
Makes more foes befriend you.

Busters Stats

YW 2:


Stat Number/Rank
Hp 515
Strength D
Spirit A
Speed A
Button Move/description
A Attack (hits nearby enemy)
X Heal (heals an ally. If charged, heals more Hp)

Kon (Soul)

YW 2:

Pinkipoo's soul-After battle, you get more experience than usual


Yo-kai Watch

Fuse Shmoopie with a Love Scepter. Love Scepters are a rare drop from Pinkipoo, as well as a reward for the "Snap Shmoopie!" Yo-kai Cam challenge. Pinkipoo also appears in the Entry Hall in the Yokai World.

Pinkipoo also appears in the Entry Hall of the Yo-kai World, among his white counterparts. Alternatively, he can be freed from the Crank-a-kai with a Pink Coin or Five-Star Coin.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Fuse Shmoopie with a Love Scepter. Alternatively, he can be freed from the Crank-a-kai in the past with a Pink Coin.

Yo-kai Watch Busters

There are two ways to get Pinkipoo in the game: Either evolve Shmoopie or befriends Pinkipoo in the patrol mission. To evolve Shmoopie into Pinkipoo, fuse it with a Love Scepter.

For befriending Pinkipoo in the patrol mission, Pinkipoo can be found on the Shopper's Row area.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Unlike the previous two games in the main series, the only way to get Pinkipoo is to evolve Shmoopie. Much like before, Shmoopie will evolve into Pinkipoo when fused with a Love Scepter.


  • Befriended (Yo-kai Watch):
  • Loafing: "Psh..."
  • Receiving food (favourite): "Amazing!"
  • Receiving food (normal):
  • Receiving food (disliked): "Get Out!"
  • Freed from the Crank-a-kai: "Pinkipoo! You freed me! I'm yours!"



In other languages

  • Japanese: ズキュキュン太 Zukyukyunta
  • Korean: 사랑개 Saranggae
  • Spanish: Pufilindo
  • Italian: Amoroseo
  • German: Schnuckiputz

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