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General Information

Yo-kai Watch Wiki staff
What Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not!

The quality standards shows how this wiki should be structured. Every wiki has their own unique quality standards that contains how contributors should contribute to an article in an encyclopedic way. This is essential to show how informative this wiki can be to Yo-kai Watch series.

General information

  • Every article created on this wiki should start with an opening line. The introduction in the opening line are the titles of the article, which should be written in bold.
    • Every article starts with their respective templates. If there is no template for the media franchise, do not create one yourself, but ask an administrator to create an original one.
    • Every Yo-kai article starts with an infobox and then after directly with an medallium template.
  • The definite article (the) and indefinite articles (a/an) should be avoided in article titles except if they are used in an official title/name.
  • Galleries are prohibited to be placed in various articles, such as character articles and Yo-kai articles.
    • Contributors that are only focusing with uploading images rather contributing in adding content, edits will be undone. This wiki is not an anime-only-based wiki.
  • Title's are written in italic, such as Yo-kai Watch or Yo-kai Watch 3.
    • Episode titles are written in italic as well, as well music titles. Everything linked to the media from the franchises. Game mechanism are written in a regular form.
  • Use third person; write "the player" instead of "you", aside from dialogue and such.
  • The language of the wiki is American English; spelling and grammar must be concise and clear.
  • Write professionally and be as succinct when possible.
  • Wikilinking is limited to the first occurrence of the word or phrase, and within the body content. Avoid wikilinking headers.
    • Other words, do not add wikilinks everywhere in the articles.
  • Do not add [[Nathan Adams|Nathan]] but [[Nathan]] or [[Nate]], this is what is called double linking.
    • Do not use external links to pages within this very wiki.
  • Adding double images or replacing a better resoluted images with a poor one is prohibited and will be removed from the articles and from the wiki.
  • For creating new articles, it must be more than 1,000 words.
    • The reason to that is because contributors are only creating articles and never updating them for months to years long. This causes more work for dedicated contributors that are editing the articles with full information and can cause massive frustration for players that are playing the games seeking for information while there is no information.

Special notations

  • Every other articles exept media-based articles such as games and movies, should not contain galleries into their articles. This is due that contributors add masterfully lots of useless images into the articles with no quotation or enjoying to add images only on those articles. However, in articles that contains games and movies, should only boxart, logo, and videos under the gallery banner. Adding other images will be removed from the article, and eventually from the wiki.
  • Walkthroughs other than AbdallahSmash are prohibited, this is because most streamers are not related to Nintendo or Level-5, thus some streamers are in fact ambassadors of Nintendo and are somewhat affiliated with them.
  • Links to videos containing rip files of sounds are prohibited, this because they are illegal content and should not be shared on this wiki, until they are officially released by Level-5.
  • Fan assumptions in articles are prohibited, as they are user's opinions and speculations.



  • Each Yo-kai article starts with their own respective infobox. After placing their infobox in the article, follows the medallium template. There, the introduction of the article starts.
  • Appearances - This section contains in which media the Yo-kai appears in. Wheter if it is in video games, side-games, movies or animation episodes. This section is prohibited to add only appearances of anime episodes.
  • Biology - This section contains history, appearance, personality, and powers and abilities all togheter. First when writting this section, you must start with the appearance, then the personality, then the powers and abilities and then the history. There should not be seperate sections of it.
  • Profile - This section describes the profile of the Yo-kai, which describes the anime history profile of the Yo-kai and where you can find and befriend the Yo-kai under their respective sub-headers. However, do not add links to the Yo-kai respective headers.
  • Game data - This section contains all in-depth information from the Yo-kai that appear in game. This section contains multiple sub-headers for evolution, fusion, stats, movelists and many more.
  • Etymology - This section describes the name influences from the Yo-kai. This is the main header for the sub-header Origin, where the Yo-kai's influence comes from.
  • Trivia - Trivial information that does not properly fit in the other sections.


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