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Today's Yo-Kai Dictionary

The segment intro in Japan

Recap Time, known in Japan as Today's Yo-kai Medallium (Japanese: きょうの妖怪大辞典 Kyō no Yōkai Dai-jiten) is an omake-esque corner which appears at the end of each episode after the ending sequence. It features the Yo-kai Medals of the Yo-kai which appeared in the episode, with an humoresque description of one of them with Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan appearing.

List of Yo-kai

Season 1

Ep Featured Yo-kai Synopsis
1 Dismarelda, Happierre, Jibanyan Nate mentions that he met Happierre and Dismarelda. Jibanyan then appears, but gets hit by a truck as he tries to remind everyone of his appearance. Whisper warns the audience "don't try this at home kids."
2 Walkappa, Tattletell

During the visual segment, Tattletell latches onto Nate's head revealing that he made a "No. 2". Tattletell jumps off Nate as he feels embarrassed about the "spilled beans".

3 Manjimutt, Noko, Roughraff Whisper is confused because he thinks that Nate never met Noko. Nate tries to change the subject by talking about Roughraff, but Whisper insists on asking about Noko. Meanwhile, Manjimutt is confronted by Roughraff as a crowd of Noko fills up the screen around them. Annoyed, Manjimutt concludes the Recap by exclaiming "ENOUGH!".
4 Hungramps, Wazzat When Whisper tries to explain Wazzat, Wazzat bites his head, making him forget what he was going to say. Nate explains Wazzat in Whisper's place.
5 Illoo Whisper finds himself in an illusion where a more humanoid Whisper receives a present from a girl, who is actually a cat. Nate explains Illoo.
6 Blazion, Negatibuzz, Signibble

When Whisper explains Blazion and his powers, he becomes Inspirited in the process. An excited Whisper tries to get Nate excited, but Nate ignores him.

7 Komasan In the visual segment, Whisper teaches everyone how to talk like Komasan, with Nate reluctantly joining in.
8 Fidgephant, Hidabat Whisper talks about Fidgephant's powers when the Yo-Kai in question lands on Nate and drowns Whisper in the "water" from its trunk, resulting in Whisper rushing into a public bathroom, bringing out a sign saying "See you next week!"
9 Komajiro, Cadin, Robonyan

Robanyan explains about himself as he plugs himself in, draining away all the power in at least half of America (Japan in the original). He then appears to sink beneath the surface of a lake of molten metal saying "I'll be back" in a reference to Terminator 2.

10 Buhu, Shogunyan Whisper and Nate hope Shogunyan learned his lesson. Shogunyan is seen trying to cut a training dummy into pieces. But instead of slicing the hay, he dices Whisper into quarters.
11 Spenp, Noway Nate and Whisper are tied to a bunch of explosives. He tries to get help from Whisper, but Whisper has become Inspirited by Noway and refuses to help. The TNT then explodes. Whisper warns the audience "don't try this at home."
12 Cheeksqueek

During a baseball game, Cheeksqueek lands on Nate, making him cut the cheese. This severely drops his confidence, making him miss the ball.

13 Chatalie, Yo-kai Dancers (Wiglin, Steppa, Rhyth) Whisper was dancing with Wiglin, Steppa, and Rhyth while Nate was doing his homework. Whisper asks Nate to join in, much to his frustration.
14 Dimmy, Dazzabel While Nate was looking up Dimmy on Whisper's Yokai pad, Dimmy ends up Inspiriting Whisper and Jibanyan. Nate dismisses the three of them as lame, upsetting the three Yokai.
15 Babblong When Whisper was talking about Babblong, he interrupted him and Whisper slapped him for doing so. Nate cries saying "Whisper, your head needs leveling."
16 Peppillon, Drizzle, Mirapo Whisper talks about Peppillon, and gets excited about the Yokai protection charm he purchased, which protects people from being Inspirited. Nate points out that Whisper has already fallen victim to Peppillon's effects.
17 Cynake, Rockabelly Whisper, Nate, and Jibanyan talk about Rockabelly. The four of them do a belly dance until Whisper crashes into the screen. Nate says "Still better than doing the chicken dance."
18 Kyubi Kyubi spotted a beautiful woman in a café, however it turned out to be Whisper, disgusting Kyubi and Nate.
19 Baku

Baku makes Whisper dream that he is the tallest Yo-kai, but Nate is unimpressed.

20 Dandoodle

Dandoodle states that he is a legend and he makes everything around him fabulous, even though Nate and Whisper think he's gross "answering the call of nature".

21 D'wanna, Insomni

Whisper and Nate are sleeping and Insomni uses her powers to keep Whisper up, but her attempts fail as Whisper says he's still tired. Insomni tries again repeatedly, causing Whisper to whine "5 more minutes!" This ends up waking Nate who asks Whisper to keep quiet saying "Muzzle it."

22 Duchoo, Coughkoff, Ake, Payn While Whisper was sleeping, Duchoo falls on him, and causes Whisper to feel like he has a cold. In response to this, Jibanyan says, "Duchoo doesn't give you a real cold." Whisper continues insisting otherwise, and Nate snaps at Whisper to "Stop Fakin' It."
23 Grubsnitch, B3-NK1 Whisper and Grubsnitch snack on Nate's food, as Whisper suggest that Grubsnitch is a fun Yokai to have around. Nate gets mad after he realizes that the two Yokai have eaten all his food.
24 Tengloom, Tengu While Nate talks about Tengloom, Whisper was Inspirited by him, bemoaning his uselessness as a Yokai butler. Nate and Jibanyan casually agree, upsetting Whisper.
25 Rudy (no medal)

Whisper, Nate and Jibanyan are recapping his story as Rudy. Nate is amazed that Jibanyan had such a history as Whisper admits that the episode was quite the tearjerker. Nate asks Whisper if he has any secrets. He doesn't reveal them, saying: "A butler never airs his dirty laundry," with Nate responding with: "You don't even wear clothes."

26 Espy, Peckpocket Whisper gets his Yo-kai Pad snatched by Peckpocket. He then chases after him before crashing into a wall. Nate says he already knows Whisper's cover before a boulder crashed on Whisper (a pop culture reference to the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote).

Season 2

Ep Featured Yo-kai Synopsis
27 Jibanyan (Z Medals)

Nate is unimpressed that the only new medals he got were all of Jibanyan. He tries out his new medals and realizes that Jibanyan poses differently for each medal (Nyext, Nyaight, and Victory). Jibanyan ends up exhausted from the consecutive summoning.

28 Boyclops, PallysolLady Longnek

After being passed up by the Classic Yokai in favor of Jibanyan, Whisper tries to pose as a Next HarMEOWny fan so they can hang out again, but they say "You gotta be kidding!" saddening Whisper. *

29 Swelton, Slicenrice, Brokenbrella

Swelton and Slicenrice open up a salty rice ball shop and give Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan a free sample. Although the three of them are initially disgusted, they end up under the effects of Swelton's "looking good" mode.

30 Pandle, So-Sorree

Whisper tries to explain So-Sorree but Jibanyan ignores him with an insincere apology. Offended, Whisper scolds Jibanyan but ends up hitting Nate with his Yokai pad. Whisper sincerely apologizes to Nate but an angry Nate still retaliates.

31 Directator

While being interviewed, Directator is asked how he thinks the movie turned out. Underneath the table, the "studio executive" gives Directator the "okay" signal, and Directator says he thinks the movie is perfect. Nate, Jibanyan, and Whisper are revealed to be watching the video of the interview (which has 12 likes and 9,999 dislikes) and point out that the old guy is pulling the strings.

32 Lie-in Heart

Nate, Whisper, Jibanyan, and Fidgephant are waiting in line for the bathroom. Lie-in Heart exits and influences Jibanyan into saying it's not the time yet, and Whisper smacks Jibanyan telling him to go already.

33 Papa Windbag, Faux Kappa

Papa Windbag inspirits Nate, making him brag about his skills at soccer and video games, but admits that he's only average. Whisper and Jibanyan comment on how pointless the bragging was.

34 Yoodooit, Enerfly, Enefly

Whisper asks the viewers if Enerfly or Enefly inspirited Nate today in the form of a quiz question. However, he realizes that he can't find his Yo-kai Pad and panics. Jibanyan ends up answering with Enefly.

35 Cricky

Nate, Jibanyan, and Whisper get inspirited by Cricky making them sleep wrong and get cricks in their necks. Whisper ends up bending into a "7".

36 Sergeant Burly, Heheheel

Whisper asks Nate and Jibanyan a trick question by holding Croonger and Urnaconda's pot and making them guess which pot Heheheel is hiding in. However, Nate and Jibanyan start to laugh at Whisper, angering him while Heheheel's actual pot lies behind them.

37 Terrorpotta, Nekidspeed

Whisper is scared of a bungee jump, claiming that Terrorpotta's influence is making him nervous. Jibanyan ends up pushing him off anyway. As Whisper screams while bungee jumping, Nate points out that Whisper had nothing to worry about, given that he can fly.

38 Verygoodsir

While Nate is fishing, Whisper decides to throw Verygoodsir's medal into the ocean but Jibanyan spots him before he could do it.

39 Failian, Spoilerina

Spoilerina dances on-screen, claiming that the following episode will reveal who's the "most popular Yo-kai". Whisper dances on as well, dressed in a ballerina's outfit, declaring that it's going to be him, much to the annoyance of Nate and Jibanyan.

40 Count Zapaway

While Nate, Jibanyan and Count Zapaway watch television, Whisper bursts into the room and tries looking for the remote. Jibanyan reveals that the remote is in his possession, but Whisper continues searching while freaking out until Jibanyan sends him flying.

41 Shmoopie, Yoink

In the bath, Whisper scrubs Shmoopie's back while asking him to lend him his power. Shmoopie refuses, using his power so Whisper can't get mad at him, while Nate and Jibanyan watch on in annoyance.

42 Dracunyan

Nate was scared he was going to become a Dracunyan, but Whisper and Jibanyan reassure him it was just a dream. The three of them share a laugh only to somehow become Dracunyans without being bitten.

43 Elder Bloom

Elder Bloom possesses Nate while Whisper and Jibanyan tell him to snap out of it only to get possessed as well.

44 Mimikin

Nate and Jibanyan "do a bad Whisper." Whisper objects them for cheating, but the mimickers slyly agree.

45 Thornyan, Sandmeh

Nate, Whisper and Thornyan are strapped to a bomb, much like in Episode 11's recap. Thornyan ends up sneezing at the bomb which defuses it, but unleashes a storm of his spikes which all hit Whisper.

46 Supoor Hero, Poofessor Poofessor prepares to plant some of his trivia poo onto Nate, but Whisper butts in and begins spouting all kind of trivia on the Legendary Yo-Kai for hours. By nightfall, Nate and Poofessor are bored out of their minds.
47 Whispocrates (no medal)

Jibanyan teaches Nate about Nonuttin, describing his past with Shogun Waitington as interesting but Nonuttin as "lame", much to Whisper's displeasure.

48 Mochismo

Whisper says Mochismo dances like a tough guy, but he dances cutely, making Whisper look bad.

49 Ol' Saint Trick

Ol' Saint Trick hides Whisper in one of his sacks and asks for a volunteer to guess which one Whisper is in. Whisper tries to volunteer, but Nate's mom walks by. Thinking that the sacks are garbage bags, she ends up giving them to the garbage truck to be driven away. Nate and Jibanyan sweatdrop at this, and wish the viewers a Merry Christmas.

50 Washogun, Brushido, Venoct Nate remarks how mysterious Venoct is. Whisper says that he should be able to crack his secrets by trying to talk casually to the slippery Yo-kai, only to be flung away. Nate ends it by saying "We'll find out next time!"
51 Pandanoko, Cutta-nah

Whisper explains Pandanoko as the Yo-Kai in question drives by in a car, clearly enjoying his newfound popularity and inviting the group for lunch. Dismayed, Jibanyan argues that the popularity should have been his.

52 Drizzelda, Ray O'Light, Jumbelina

Nate tries to impress Katie with a new face gained by Jumbelina; but to his dismay, Katie's face has been swapped with Whisper, freezing him in shock. Jibanyan remarks on this, revealing himself to have Katie's face.

53 Dromp, Leadoni

Jibanyan is walking to a Next HarMEOWny concert and hopes that Dromp doesn't place him where he doesn't want to be. Predictably, he ends up transported to a faraway mountain. Whisper calls Jibanyan out for jinxing himself.

54 Furdinand

Furdinand says he has changed his ways - instead of giving luxurious hairstyles, he gives Whisper and Jibanyan mustaches.



Whisper tries to get Nate to notice that he's received a box of Valentine's Day chocolates from someone, but Nate points out that Whisper bought it for himself.

56 Wantston, Pupsicle

Whisper appears to be studying hard while Wantston watches. Nate and Jibanyan express surprise at this, and Whisper muses that Wantston has made them jealous of his hardworking traits, which Nate calls him out on.

57 Daiz

Nate and Whisper go over what is safe to call Daiz, but Daiz still gets annoyed at the two of them.

58 Gimme, Tublappa

Gimmie stole Whisper's black mask-like mark around his eyes and Nate finds it in his breakfast.

59 Suspicioni, Master Oden

Whisper asks Nate if he values him as a butler as he leaves on a train, with Suspecioni being the reason why he's asked. He gets a call from Nate, who says nope.

60 Toiletta, Copperled

Copperled inspirits Nate and Jibanyan and tells Whisper to sharpen his head and be box shaped and latter say he looks creepy.

61 Enduriphant, Wydeawake

Enduriphant makes Whisper resist using his Yo-kai Pad.

62 Infour

Jibanyan draws extra eyes on Infour, scaring Whisper.

63 Snartle

Whisper and Snartle try searching for little brats, but to no avail.

64 Bruff, Dummkap

Jibanyan becomes inspirited by Dummkap, and the cat erases Whisper.

65 Cuttincheez

Cuttincheez makes Jibanyan fart and stinks up Nate's room.

66 Gnomey, Lafalotta Nate is trying to open a packet but Whisper warns him that it's dangerous and said that Gnomey will do it but he's napping, much to Whisper's dismay.
67 Goldenyan, Shadow Venoct

Nate and Whisper hide from Shadow Venoct while Jibanyan opens the door, who makes him disappear, making them freak out as he enters the house.

68 Negasus

Nate, under the influence of Negasus, lets out a fart, cups it in his hand, and places it on a sleeping Whisper's face.

69 Mynimo, Grumples, Everfore
70 Wotchagot Wotchogat's influence on Whisper causes him to sneak a bite from a dog's food bowl, only to get bitten by the angry dog.
71 Count Cavity

Whisper, Count Cavity and Jibanyan are in Nate's mouth causing a cavity while he's napping. Nate's mom says "Remember to brush your teeth!"

72 Greesel, Bowminos,

No-Go Kart

Nate is having trouble remembering where the boy's restroom is thanks to No-Go Kart. He incorrectly goes for the red door, much to the dismay of Whisper and Jibanyan.

73 Irewig, Mermaidyn, Gush Nate fishes up something who turns him into stone. Whisper asks him what did he fished up and got turned into stone too. Mermaidyn then says that it's her friend before getting turned to stone as well before she has a chance to explain who it is, and returns to the depths.
74 Robonyan F

Robonyan F shows one of his new features, but it was not impressive. He then leaves, much to the dismay of Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan.

75 Shrook, Chansin Whisper and Nate announced a challenge for Chansin, when Chansin was ready, Nate couldn't blow and accidentally farted.
76 Rawry

Rawry makes a gang and rides off to make noise leaving Baddinyan in the dust.

77 USApyon

USApyon introduces himself to the audience, but is interrupted by Inaho.

78 Cornfused Cornfused inspirits Nate, making him uninterested at Jibanyan's backstory. Whisper chases Cornfused away, but Nate and Jibanyan are uninterested at Whisper being a yo-kai butler.
79 Swosh Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan climb on Swosh's head and try to make him angry, with no avail. Swosh scratches his head, crushing the boys.
80 Statiking
81 Rhinoggin, Beetler, Swelterrier, Blizzaria Rhinoggin and Beetler try to headbutt each other, but stab Whisper with their horns.
82 Pittapatt

Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan try to get home. Nate exclaims that Pittapatt is coming after them. They try to run faster, but Pittapatt runs past and beats them, upsetting Whisper.



84 Scritchy

Scritchy tries to get blood from Nate while he is sleeping but misses and gets crushed by Nate.

85 Pride Shrimp

Nate takes pride in not losing, but his cloud disappears and he falls.

86 Papa Bolt, Mama Aura, Frazzel Katie styles her hair like Mama Aura, much to Nate's dismay. When she finds out he dosen't like it, Papa Bolt inspirits her and she gets angry.
87 Timidevil, Otonabull Jibanyan asks Nate to summon him because he's scared to walk down the stairs.
88 Whapir, Sumodon

Jibanyan and Sumoudon are about to have a Sumo match, but the lights go out and Sumoudon is eaten by Hungramps.

89 Mistank, Slumberhog, Snortlehog
90 Sunday Papa, Flushback
91 Song Medals

Whisper attempts to form a group with Illoo, Greesel, and Yoodooit, but it was no avail.

92 Dasocks, Taraimawashi
93 Momotaronyan and his attendants (Inunyan, Sarunyan, Kijinyan)

Momotaronyan and his attendants prepare to find and slay an oni, only to retreat into a hut when it gets cold outside, raising Whisper's ire.

94 Ottamagator, Buchinyan

Whisper and Jibanyan fuse but shocks Nate as it's not Buchinyan. The recap ends with Ottamagator screaming "Crikay!".

95 Annojoe, Kotenpan Nate tries to kick a soccer ball, but it hits him and he says that was expected.
96 Jikoken-o Whisper is sad he is not a good butler, and Nate makes matters worse by saying he dosent expect much from Whisper anyway.
97 Kapper

Kapper mistakes Nate's mom using a record turntable when she is actually drying the dishes, much to the dismay of Nate and Whisper.

98 Mark Shachiberg, Edison

Nate asks Edison to turn on the lights using his electricity. Edison attempts to do so but simply ends up flipping the light switch. Nate still thanks him, but the angry Whisper annoyingly says "Really?!"

99 Seidenki Seidenki pranks Nate and Jibanyan when they touch the door knob and get shocked. He tries to prank Whisper but, much to his dismay, Whisper flies through the door.


Nate asks Jibanyan if he was practicing. Jibanyan performs Paws of Fury and misses Nate, but sends Whisper flying.

101 Ieay Whisper asks Nate and Jibanyan if they want to party. They don't want to which makes Whisper sad.
102 Necolumbus, Columbus
103 Kamikakushi

Whisper inspects Kamikakushi's toilet paper collection. He is impressed and compliments him, but Nate and Jibanyan are unimpressed.

104 Inchicken

Nate and Whisper do not fall for another Inchicken's fake medals, but they still fall from his other fake medals. Jibanyan remarks that the TV show he is watching is "so dumb."

105 Karikari Bacon

Karikari Bacon is waiting to become angered. However, as soon as he says, "Just make me mad already," the cake is finished, delighting Nate and Whisper, much to Karikari Bacon's befuddlement at getting annoyed over them doing nothing.

106 Ponkotsu

Whisper remarks Nate is broken since Nate could not remember Ponkotsu was from the Tough tribe. Nate puts on a ballerina suit, which is completely weird to Jibanyan.

107 Kakusan

Nate hopes what he is studying becomes an out of control rumor, but Whisper is cleaning his Yo-kai Pad, and Kakusan and Jibanyan are napping, much to Nate's dismay.

108 Marunugget Nate and Whisper use him as a ventriloquist dummy.
109 Gattenmeier

Nate asks Gattenmeier to throw out a tissue and Whisper tells Nate to throw it out himself which angers Nate to tell Gattenmeier to throw Whisper out.

110 Impass, Mister Sandmeh

Nate and Jibanyan are waiting in line for the bathroom. Nate attempts to get Impass out of the porta potty, but it was no avail, upsetting Nate and Whisper.

111 Oburger

Whisper gets Oburger's name right causing Nate and Jibanyan to overcelebrate.

112 Nammonite

Nate asks Furdinand to get his hair back, but he didn't know Furdinand now makes mustaches, much to Nate's dismay.

113 Great Commander Yo-kai Medals (Jibanyan Ryubi, Komasan Son Saku, Komajiro Son Ken, Whisper Komei) Jibanyan Ryubi constantly slices Whisper Komei in half with his sword.
114 Kuchisuberashi, Kirisugirisu
115 Nandenaan
116 Okurairi
117 Iballoon, Taikomochi

Taikomochi takes photos of Whisper, but when they're on the computer, they get ruined by computer graffiti, angering Whisper.

118 Ecolojii
119 Maunten

Nate attempts to save Jibanyan, who is climbing a mountain, but Maunten run over Jibanyan over causing the latter to fall, embarrassing Nate.

120 Snottle (no medal)

Whisper talks about Snottle, but still gets annoyed at Snottle picking his nose.

121 Dinoshi
122 Myccar

Roughraff is getting away with stealing cash. Nate tells Myccar to speed up but somehow crashes. Nate and Jibanyan say "Myccar," angering the driver, Whisper.

123 Bungee Kyusu
124 Darisu
125 Android Yamada, Fuankan
126 Hijouguchi

Nate and Jibanyan are scared of Hijouguchi, but see him do Jibanyan's Victory pose in an emergency exit sign. They comment in relief and mock him, much to the dismay of Hijouguchi and Whisper.



128 Muchaburikko
129 Demonade
130 Tomnyan and additional Dream Medals

Whisper talks about Tomnyan, but Tomnyan continuously interrupts him, angering Whisper.

131 Nazotoki
132 Nikuyaki

Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan enjoy Nikuyaki's BBQ meat kebabs, but Nikuyaki burns Whisper on the grill.

133 Kangaeroo
134 Piyopiyoko

Nate, Whisper, and Piyopiyoko bang their heads. Jibanyan comments in embarrassment.



136 Kameppa



Akkerakan, Gachin-kozo



Nate, Whisper, Jibanyan, and Ashitagirl attempt to cheer up Nate's mom, but it was no avail.




Oreryu, Amanjiru

Nate changes clothes really fast, but Whisper and Oreryu unimpressed, much to Nate's dismay.
142 Kanpe-chan, Tenparunba Kanpe-Chan makes Whisper do things against his will.


Whisper wins multiple awards while Nate and Jibanyan sadly cry.

144 Flumpy, Hipparidako
145 Chummer, Wakarunner

Ben Tover, Makura-gaeshi


Nyaaminator, Grumpus Khan


Harmory, Hottocake

Whisper and Jibanyan try to tell Nate the school is closed, but the latter ignores them. When Nate finds out they were right, he gets shocked and embarrassed.


Chikurima, Soramimizuku



Season 3

Ep Featured Yo-kai Synopsis
151 Kimetemaou Kimtemaou has trouble deciding what to eat, embarrassing Nate and Jibanyan.


Nate uses the Yo-kai Bazooka to fire Whisper at the screen.

153 Himajin Himajin inspirits Nate, but he has trouble relaxing, embarrassing Whisper and Jibanyan.
154 Pochit The guys are at a restaurant with Pochit. Nate and Jibanyan hit a button for service, but nothing happens. Whisper hits it rapidly and breaks it.
155 Gilgaros, Yabuletter Nate stitches his pants together, but accidentally stitches Whisper's tail in it.
156 Kemushi-Otoko, Black Jibanyan, Black Komasan, Princess Speech
157 Rainbone
158 Achar
159 Camellia
160 Jimanhattan Nate attempts to impress Katie with his new, stylish clothing, but he fails.
161 Gojidatsujii
162 None
163 Okiraraccoon
164 None
165 None
166 Damajor, Damajor Nine

Addaconda, Castelius I, Castelius II, Castelius III



  • Most Yo-kai are featured in this section anyways, even if Nate does not receive their Yo-kai Medals:
  • Contrary to what it appears, not all the Yo-kai which appear in some episodes are featured in this segment, the most notable cases being:
  • Nate doesn't get the medallium until EP004, yet he does in the recaps prior to said episode.
  • In the English Dub of EP038, Verygoodsir's medal ironically wasn't changed until it was seen in the recap.
  • In the English Dub of EP043, Elder Bloom's medal was a Z medal instead of a normal medal. This could have been an error.
  • The recap of EP055 is the first recap that has something other than a medallium on the floor. This item being a heart-shaped box with a card next to it.
  • Every time Nate gains a new Medallium, his old one can be seen in the background in the next recap.
  • Badude makes an appearance in the recap of EP076, despite not appearing in the series at all. It is possible it is an animation mistake, as his recolor, Bruff, has appeared in the anime previously.
  • In the Original Japanese version, the Yo-kai's name can be seen near the tribe symbol. This was removed in the English Dub.
  • Since Springdale takes place in North America for the English dub, the geography is changed.
  • The English-dubbed versions of these are uploaded to the official YouTube channel after an episode airs on Disney XD on the West Coast of the US.

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