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Comic-Book Caper is a request in Yo-kai Watch. The quest giver is a boy located at the Western River in Blossom Heights.

Quest Description

Get the Comic Book back!

A young boy wants to retrieve a Comic Book that his friend stole from him. The thief is nearby. Retrieve the stolen comic!

Beat the greedy Yo-kai!

Whisper thinks there's something weird about the boy who stole the comic. Perhaps he's Inspirited by a Yo-kai... Find and overcome the bad influence!

Return the Comic Book!

We took care of the Yo-kai that was inspiriting the friend. He should do the right thing and return the Comic Book. Talk to the friend again!

The friendship is saved!

The friend came to his senses and gave the Comic Book to us. He says he'll apologize later. Return the comic!

Quest Complete!

We returned the Comic Book to its owner, who says he'll forgive his friend. It looks like they'll get past this. The case of the stolen comic is closed!



  • Find the stolen comic-book for a boy.
  • The thief's friend is located by the Vending Machine below you.
  • Use Yo-kai Lens to find and defeat the Peckpocket inspiriting the thief.
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