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Home, Sweetie, Home is a request in Yo-kai Watch. The quest giver is a woman in the Residential Area of Uptown Springdale.

Quest Description

Head to North Wind Ramen!

We met a lady in Uptown Springdale whose husband went to North Wind Ramen and hasn't come back. Let's go to North Wind Ramen!

Beat the stubborn Yo-kai!

We asked the husband to go home, but he stubbornly refused. IT seems there's a Yo-kai nearby. Let's deal with the obstinate Yo-kai!

Check on the husband!

The husband won't go home because he's being Inspirited by Noway. Let's check on the husband!

Report to the wife!

We took care of the Yo-kai, but the husband still won't go home because he's scared of his wife. What to do... Let's report back to the wife!

Quest Complete!

We told the lady about her husband, and she said she'll take care of the rest. We solved the lady's problem!



  • An NPC at North Wind Ramen in Shopper's Row has been inspirited.
  • Find an defeat the inspiriting Noway hiding near the restaurant entrance.
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