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Lock It Down is a request in Yo-kai Watch. The quest giver is a police officer located near Sunshine Station in Blossom Heights.

Quest Description

Deal with the Yo-kai!

An officer in Blossom Heights told us that there have been many burglaries recently. Must be due to Yo-kai! Deal with the careless Yo-kai!

Talk to the officer!

Pandle was making people careless, enabling the burglaries. Everything should be back to normal now. Check in with the police officer!

Quest Complete!

When we beat all 3 Pandles, people remembered their unlocked doors and went home. The officer seems relieved. Case of the unlocked doors...closed!



  • Use the Yo-kai Lens to examine the houses near Sunshine Station Front in Blossom Heights.
  • Find and defeat Pandles near the front doors of 3 houses.
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