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Ramen Roundup is a request in Yo-kai Watch. The quest giver is a woman at Sunshine Station in Blossom Heights.

Quest Description

Time for a ramen poll!

A reporter charged with writing a feature on ramen asked us to poll people about their favorite ramen type. Poll people in Blossom Heights!

Tell the reporter!

We polled people in Blossom Heights about their favorite type of ramen. Everyone had a different opinion. Tell the reporter the poll results!

Time for Chansin!

The reporter is flustered because our poll results are inconclusive. We need a Yo-kai to help her make the call. Take Chansin to the reporter!

Quest Complete!

Chansin helped the reporter make a choice, and she's going to write about Pork Ramen. Should be a good read! Ramen roundup accomplished!



  • Speak to quest-giver and the 6 people around Sunshine Station
  • Talk to the ones with blue flags showing those those that take the survey.
  • Complete the request with the Chansin.
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