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Detective Quest ① is a request in Yo-kai Watch. The quest giver is Andy, who is located at Springdale Elementary School in Uptown Springdale.

Quest Description

Solve the riddle!

It's a Detective Team riddle! "Between a pig and a lamb. Underneath the white zebra stripes, I sleep." Let's solve it! Search for the location from the riddle!

Report to the detectives!

We solved the Detective Team's riddle and found the hidden Detective Badge. Now we just have to tell the kids. Report back to the Detective Team!

Quest Complete!

The kids were surprised at how quickly we solved the riddle, but they swore to challenge us again. This isn't over! We solved the riddle!



  • Solve the riddles by Springdale Detective Boys in Springdale Elementary.
  • Examine the central area of the east-west road between Piggleston Bank and Lambert Post Office to find the Detective Badge.
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