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Suddenly Selective is a request in Yo-kai Watch. The quest giver is a woman in Sunshine Pavilion in Shopper's Row.

Quest Description

Stop the pickiness!

A child in Sun Pavilion suddenly started being a picky eater. Her mom asked us to talk to her. Tell the girl she needs to eat!

Beat the ornery Yo-kai!

We talked to the girl, but she won't listen to us. Does she hate all foods because of a Yo-kai? Defeat the ornery Yo-kai!

Report back to the mom!

We took out a stubborn Yo-kai, so the girl should stop being so picky. She should eat her vegetables now. Report back to the mom!

Quest Complete!

We defeated the Yo-kai, and the girl is back to her old nonpicky self. We can consider this case closed. The case of the picky eater is closed!



  • To start the request, go to the Sun Pavillion in Springdale Flower Road.
  • Use the Yo-kai Lens to find and defeat Fishpicable inspiriting a child between the two tables.
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