The Invisible Girl Rank E icon
The Invisible Girl
Type Request
Number 3
Story Protect The Seals!
Location Uptown Springdale
Time Day
Reward Dancing Star 2x
Experience Points 39 EXP

The Invisible Girl (Japanese: 私ってジミなのかしら Watashitte Jimi na no Kashira) is a request in Yo-kai Watch. The quest giver is Shelly, located in Springdale Elementary in Uptown Springdale.

Quest description

Deal with the Yo-kai

On the school grounds, Shelly's friends mysteriously started ignoring her for no reason. We suspect an unruly Yo-kai. Let's expose the Yo-kai behind this!

Is Shelly OK?

We defeated Dimmy, a Yo-kai that makes those he Inspirits seems invisible. Shelly should be much more noticeable. Let's see how Shelly is doing.

Quest Complete!

Shelly's friend suddenly remembered that she exists. She's a bit perplexed but also happy to be noticed again. Shelly's troubles are over!


When the player heads to Springdale Elementary, they see a purple aura around Shelly. Once the player talks to Shelly, she wants to know why nobody sees her, but notice that the player sees her and tells the player that her "so-called" friends suddenly starts to ignore her and asks for their help. When the player agrees to help Shelly, they start the quest.

When the player uses the Yo-kai Watch lens on the left side of the tree, the player sees Dimmy. When the player encounters Dimmy, Dimmy challenges the player to a fight.

After the player defeats Dimmy, Shelly thanks them, and Shelly is noticeable by her friends.


The player has to be on Springdale Elementary and has to use the Yo-kai Watch lens on a tree, next to Shelly and her friends. They will see Dimmy, and the player has to defeat Dimmy to clear the quest Shelly requested them.

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