The Too-Visible Girl Rank E icon
The Too-Visible Girl
Type Request
Number 4
Story Protect The Seals!
Location Uptown Springdale
Time Day
Reward Lil' Angel Heals
Defense Talisman
Experience Points 32 EXP
The Too-Visible Girl location

The Too-Visible Girl (Japanese: アイドルの悩み Aidoru no Nayami) is a quest in Yo-kai Watch. The quest-giver is locared in the Triangle Way in Uptown Springdale, located at Everymart behind a pink van.

Quest Description

Yo-kai power...GO!

There's a celebrity who's being hounded by her crazy fans. There must be something we can do for her... Introduce Dimmy to the celebrity.

Quest Complete!

We put Dimmy's skill to good use, and the celebrity's rabid fans didn't even notice her. The celebrity's worries are over!


When the player talks to the Plain Idol, she tells them to be quiet or else they will find her. Whisper noticed that she is hiding but does not know the reason why. She explains that she s a sort of a local celebrity which she finds it a no big deal, which is actually a big deal. She further tells the player that some crazy fans spotted her. She then asks them if there is anything they can do to stop the crazy fans from chasing her. Once the player accepts the Plain Idol's request, Whisper tells the player that he knows a Yo-kai for the job and suggests to ask Dimmy to lend his skill as that his powers should be able to keep her hidden from the idol's rabid fans.

Once the player befriended Dimmy, they return to the idol asking if they have thought of a way to help her. There, the player tells the idol that they know some magic that'll make it hard for people to notice her. The idol asks the player to show it to her. Then they are noticing that high schoolers are looking for the idol telling if they have found her. They then decided to check the alley were the idol is hiding. As they are getting closer, the player summons Dimmy. Once summoned Dimmy uses his skills and is making the idol invisible. The idol is wondering if it worked, but when the students were passing the player, Whisper, Dimmy and the idol, the idol is surprised that it worked. She is very happy that it worked as she can relax and enjoy herself and hope that will not last forever. By that, the player completed its request.


The player must befriend Dimmy to succeed the idol's request. The player can find Dimmy under the cars around Uptown Springdale.

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