Y-Cola to the Rescue! Rank E icon
Y-Cola to the Rescue!
Type Request
Number 1
Story Protect The Seals!
Location Uptown Springdale
Time Day
Reward 10p Gum
Gooey Candy
Giant Cracker
Experience Points 17 EXP
Y-Cola to the Rescue! location

Y-Cola to the Rescue! (Japanese: ヨカコーラが飲みたい Yoka Kōra ga Nomitai) is a request in Yo-kai Watch. The quest giver is a mother located in the residental area in Uptown Springdale.

Quest Description

Buy a Y-Cola!

We ran into a little girl who's too weak to walk. Her mother is worried because the girl won't move. Buy a Y-Cola somewhere!

Quest Complete!

The little girl really enjoyed the Y-Cola we got her. It feels good to help, so we should lend a hand when we can! We got a Y-Cola for the little girl!


When the player talks to a mother near their home, she asks the player if they can get Y-Cola for her daughter. She also tells the player how much the drink cost and gives them the money. The player can get either a Y-Cola from a soda machine in the neighbourhood, Everymart, or got one in spare. After the player receives the cola, they have to talk with the mother again telling that they've got it. The player gives the cola to the mother which gives it to her daughter. After the daughter has filled her energy, the player succeeded the quest.


The player can get Y-Cola from drinking machines or from Everymart for $1,20. The player receives the money from the mother and has to go to the two places to get the Cola. Once the player purchased one, or has one in spare, they have to talk to the mother again to finish the quest.

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