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The Restoration Attribute (Japanese: 回復属性 Kaifuku-zokusei) is one of the 8 Yo-kai attributes.

A large number of Yo-kai with this attribute are of the Heartful tribe. Restoration-attribute Techniques are the only ones that do not deal damage, but instead heal allies.

List of Restoration-attribute Yo-Kai

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank E icon Tsuzukanasou YW7-004 D'wanna Hamburgers
Rank C icon Yametaishi N'more Hamburgers
Rank D icon Bakurobaa YW1-008 Tattletell Ramen
Rank B icon Babaan YW2-009 Tattlecast Ramen
Rank C icon Dokurobaa Skranny Ramen
Rank C icon Kyuntaro YW4-017 Shmoopie Hamburgers
Rank B icon Zukyukyunta YW4-019 Pinkipoo Hamburgers
Rank A icon Emerarunyan YW2-019 Emenyan Chocobars
Rank E icon Wakamekun YW2-024 Wiglin Ramen
Rank E icon Konbusan YW1-033 Steppa Ramen
Rank D icon Mekabuchan YW1-036 Rhyth Ramen
Rank E icon Himojii YW1-034 Hungramps Rice Balls
Rank B icon Komejii YW1-039 Grainpa Rice Balls
Rank D icon Zekkouchou YW2-025 Enerfly Juice
Rank A icon Saikocho Betterfly Juice
Rank S icon Ageageha Peppillon Juice
Rank C icon Santac Roshi YW6-026 Ol' Saint Trick Curry
Rank C icon Honoboono YW1-037 Happierre Bread
Rank A icon Hyohenne YW1-040 Reversa Bread
Rank A icon None Mama Aura Vegetables
Rank S icon None Auntie Heart Vegetables
Rank S icon Hanasakajii YW2-028 Elder Bloom Rice Balls
Rank S icon Ikemenken YW2-037 Dandoodle Chinese Food
Rank D icon Warautsubo YW2-038 Heheheel Meat
Rank C icon Daija-no-Tsubo Ukiukipedia Urnaconda Meat
Rank S icon Kage Orochi YW4-038 Shadow Venoct Seafood

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank D icon Onigirizamurai YW4-002 Slicenrice Rice Balls
Rank B icon Sebastian YW6-009 Verygoodsir Soba Noodles
Rank B icon Puraidon YW7-014 Pride Shrimp Seafood
Rank D icon Sumoudon PYW-112 Sumodon Soba Noodles
Rank B icon Yokozuna-udon PYW-121 Yokozudon Soba Noodles
Rank E icon Bikyaku YW7-019 Leggly Sweet Things
Rank B icon None Harry Barry Meat
Rank A icon Sailornyan YW7-023 Sailornyan Chocobars
Rank C icon Wakamesutaa YW4-023 Kelpacabana Ramen
Rank E icon Kizunameko Tongus Vegetables
Rank B icon None Nurse Tongus Vegetables
Rank B icon None Mister Sandmeh Oden Stew
Rank D icon Ukiukibi PYW-114 Happycane Candy
Rank B icon Tokimekibi PYW-123 Starrycane Candy
Rank D icon Zashikiwarashi YW6-025 Gnomey Snacks
Rank A icon YW9-019 High Gnomey Snacks
Rank D icon Daikudan YW6-024 Predictabull Sushi
Rank S icon YW9-020 Smashibull Sushi
Rank C icon None Don Chan Snacks
Rank B icon Rakutendo YW7-026 Robogramps Rice Balls
Rank S icon Kirin YW7-027 Kyryn Chinese Food
Rank S icon YW10-007 Unikirin Soba Noodles
Rank D icon Mitomen YW4-032 Nosirs Hamburgers
Rank D icon Omoidasuppon YW7-034 Flushback Soba Noodles
Rank A icon Omoidashin Vacuumory Soba Noodles
Rank C icon Rokurokubi Kai YW4-037 Lady Longnek Sweet Things
Rank C icon YW9-025 Gnomine Snacks
Rank C icon YW9-024 Defectabull Sushi
Rank B icon None Wrongnek Sweet Things

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch Busters

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank B icon YW9-018 Pheasanyan Chocobars
Rank B icon YW10-016 Starry Noko Donuts

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank S icon None Camellia Soba Noodles
Rank S icon None Nurarishin Tempura
Rank E icon Hottocake YD2-021 Hottocake Sweet Things
Rank D icon Kon-tan YD2-022 Kon-tan Tempura
Rank D icon None Kanpe-chan Pasta
Rank B icon None Muchaburikko Pasta
Rank C icon None Tamanokoshi Sushi
Rank B icon YD1-029 s KK Brothers Ice Cream
Rank A icon None Mooglinyan Ice Cream
Rank D icon None Molar Petite Vegetables
Rank B icon None Shiranpudding Sweet Things
Rank B icon None Mifu Sweet Things
Rank A icon EYD-001 Koalanyan Sushi
Rank S icon None Tamago no Kimi Sukiyaki
Rank E icon None Harmory Pasta
Rank B icon None Hungry G Meat
Rank D icon None Tentekomai Rice Balls
Rank D icon None Tomorrow Gal Ice Cream
Rank D icon None Pochit Hot Dogs
Rank C icon None Sundae Papa Ice Cream
Rank C icon None Got It Maid Pasta
Rank C icon None Ecolojii Vegetables
Rank C icon None Country Ba'aba Milk
Rank B icon None Happy-san Pizza
Rank A icon None Itareri-tsukuseri Tempura
Rank S icon None Speedy W Pizza
Rank S icon None Kung Fu Mach Pizza
Rank S icon None Darwin Pizza
Rank S icon None Bourgeois G Sushi
Rank C icon None Sunny Lettuce-san Vegetables
Rank A icon None Morula Snacks
Rank A icon None Mikaeri Donuts
Rank S icon None Fukurokuju Sushi
Rank A icon None USAtofu Sukiyaki
Rank S icon None Senpoku-kanpoku Sushi
Rank S icon Ebisu YD2-050 Ebisu Seafood

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