Sandi (Japanese: おねむの精 Onemu-no-sei) is a Rank S Drain-attribute Rare Yo-kai of the Eerie tribe.


She's a recolor of Insomni, A white skinned Yo-kai with a single turquoise eye accented by pale pink eye shadow and a dark indigo stripe with a yellow iris . She has long dark pink hair worn in two large horns on top of her head, held by black ribbon. She wears a dark purple dress with pale pink and blue material wrapping around her torso. At the end of her tail is a pale pink flame.

Sandi's powers function as the reverse of Insomni's abilities, where Sandi instead pulls you into a dream where you and her will have so much fun that you won't want to wake up. Sandi's grip has been known to last as long as six months.


Yo-kai Watch

Sandi rarely appears in the 6th Circle of Infinite Inferno.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Sandi is rarely available from the Mystery Way Crank-a-kai.

Game data


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Smack Down 20 x 2 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Reaper 80 Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Bedtime Single enemy
Makes a foe so deeply sleepy that it'll even sleep in battle!
Soultimate Move Unwaking Dream 140 All enemies
Sends a wave of evil at her foes and lowers all of their stats.
Skill Grip on You
Amount of absorbed HP increased.


  • Befriended: "Want to be friends? I'll give you some sweet dreams..."
  • Loafing: "Sleepy, sleepy..."
  • Receiving food (favorite): "That's great!"
  • Freed from Crank-a-kai: "Thank you. I'll make sure all your dreams are sweet!"
  • Freed from the Crank-a-kai (Wibble Wobble): "You're the one who set me free? Oh, thank you..."


Her Japanese name, "Onemu-no-sei", translates as "slumber spirit".

Her English name, "Sandi", is likely a combination of Sandman and Insomni.

Her Spanish name, "Morfea", is a combination of morfeo (sandman) and Insomna (Insomni)


  • Sandi is an only Yo-kai in the ending not appearing in animation series.
  • When snapped in the Yo-kai Cam, the tip is “You're not going to wake up for 6 weeks!"
  • Seen in the end credits of Yo-kai Watch Blasters, Sandi puts a guard to sleep, helping Mass Mutterer escape.
  • Sandi's hair is a dark pink in her printed media, medal, and Wib Wob form, but in the games, her in-game sprite has red hair.

In Other Languages

  • Spanish: Morfea
  • Italian: Oniria
  • German: Sandy
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Devanéia
  • French: Morféa