Sergeant Slime (Japanese: ナメクジ軍曹 Namekuji-gunsō) is a Yo-kai who's original tribe is currently unknown.

Sgt. Slime first appeared in Burly Blasters of the anime, as part of the promotion for Yo-kai Watch Blasters.


Sergeant Slime is a slug Yo-kai with yellow skin and diminutive arms. He wears a typical military helmet in forest camo.

He is dedicated to his duties. Although, he is a bit cocky as seen in the anime, claiming that even a slug could beat Gargaros. He usually ends his sentences with "-dearimasu".

Although his combat abilities are largely unknown, he is skilled on using a whip.

Sergeant Slime is Burly's most trusted colleague. In Busters, he assist him on issuing missions to the player.


Yo-kai Watch animation series

Sergeant Slime first appears in Burly Blasters alongside Sergeant Burly, after Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan enter the Oni Zone and are encountered by Gargaros. Slime knocks some sense to the trio saying that even a slug could defeat Gargaros. After Burly explains the roles of "Attacker, Ranger, Healer and Tank" to Nate and his friends, and since they cannot decide which role to take, Slime lashes near them with a whip.