Sighborg Y (Japanese: アンドロイド山田 Andoroido Yamada) is a Rank B Lightning-attribute Yo-kai of the Wandroid tribe.


Sighborg Y is a humanoid-looking robot with a blank expressionless face.

His body is green with a orange crescent shape on his back held by a screw. His arms are tube-like and his hands are teardrop shaped and yellow. He has a white center with a yellow gem located in the middle, orange legs with claws on his feet, and has a name tag on his left chest saying "Yamada" (Japanese: 山田)

His Soultimate turns people and other Yo-kai into other Sighborg Y's with his Heso (Belly button/navel) Beam.

He can fly with his crescent propeller on his back, but is too heavy to lift off the ground.



"Android Yamada" is taken from the English word android, and the Japanese surname Yamada, which is commonly used as a placeholder name, similar to "Smith" in English.

"Sighborg Y" is taken from sigh and cyborg, with "Y" likely standing for Yamada.


Sighborg Y is based on a design that was submitted for the second Yo-kai Contest.
Original Android Yamada

Android Yamada's original design.


  • Sighborg Y was one of the two winning submissions for the second Yo-kai Contest held in 2015 in Japan, the other being Horizontail.
  • Interestingly, the narrator in his mini corners is the same person who provides his in battle dialogue in the game.
  • There is a glitch where if a Yo-kai turns into Sighborg Y while charging up their Soultimate, it will look like Sighborg is doing a different Soultimate.