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Slackoon (Japanese: おきラクーン Okirakūn) is a Rank C Merican Yo-kai of the Charming tribe.


Yo-kai Watch 3: Befriending Yo-kai.


Slackoon, as his name implies, resembles a racoon wearing a flat straw hat and resting in a green and teal-colored stripped swimming tube, with a cold drink glass on his side.

While at first he lies around with no care in the world, he is easily angered when he experiences a lack of hygiene from others, to the point he compulsively washes things that he finds unsanitary which may be a joke on the scientific meaning for the word raccoon.

Slackoon makes whomever he inspirits carefree.


Jibanyan, Hungramps, Wantston, Manjimutt, and Cheeksqueek

They become victims of Slackoon's cleaning nature.


Yo-kai Watch 3

In Tempura, he can be found in the Northbeech district in the river streams.

Yo-kai Watch Busters 2

Slackoon can be found as an enemy in Zomboy's dungeon.

Yo-kai Watch Animation series.

Slackoon appears in EP163, at the time of Nate's family summer vacation, in which causes Nate's parents to laze on bed, which causes Nate to be concerned. Even after being scanned, he just seems careless until Jibanyan throws a Chocobar wrap onto the floor, which infuriates Slackoon upon which proceeds to literally wash Jibanyan like a cloth and laying him to dry onto the sun. He proceeds to do the same with Cheeksqueek (when he farts into his face) and later with Hungramps and Wanston (when they grab snacks from his meal). Nate then decides to exploit this kind of outburst by summoning Manjimutt, who pees into his tube, with some drops falling into his glass. This angers Slackoon to his maximum, leading him to climb to a laundry and wash, iron and fold Manjimutt like a jacket. Even after Nate and his family return home, all of Slackoon's victims remain fold.

Game Stats


"Okiraccoon" is a combination of okiraku (お気楽, "carefree, happy-go-lucky") and the English raccoon.


"Slackoon" is a combination of slack and raccoon

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