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Sonaandaa (Japanese: そーナンだー Sōnandā) is a Rank A Lightning-attribute Yo-kai of the Mysterious tribe.

Sonandaa evolves from Nandenaan when fused with Mister Sandmeh. In Yo-kai Watch 3, he is one of the Yo-kai required to unlock Elder Bloom.


Sonaandaa is a yellow, humanoid yo-kai, sitting cross-legged and hovering in the air. He has a similar appearance to a guru, with an ash-colored beard that stretches past his legs, a white turban with a blue jewel in the center, with a gold lining and a red feather pointing upwards on top of it. As well as this, Sonaandaa has a very meditative expression, and holds two naan breads, one in each hand. His skin gradually changes to a dark orange at his legs.


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Smack Down (Japanese: はりたおす Haritaosu)
No description.
Technique Lightning (Japanese: いかずちの術 Ikazuchi no Jutsu)
No description.
Inspirit Smile And Nod (Japanese: 素直にする Sunao ni Suru)
Soultimate Move Ooh, It's Healing Naan! (Japanese: へー回復ナンだー Hee Kaifuku Naan daa) Restoration All allies
(Pending: heals all allies)
Skill Flexible (Japanese: じゅうなん Jūnan)
Increases the effect of good Inspirits on self.




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